“I’m not taking on an apprentice!” Or so I thought (Part 2 of 2)


If you haven’t checked out the first part of this blog, then feel free to do so by clicking here, “I’m not taking on an apprentice!” Or so I thought (Part 1 of 2). The first part of the story finished with me walking away trying to figure out how I could do something with Nathan that would be more than a regular apprenticeship and how we could really make a difference. 

It’s important to note, at this point, that I had actually looked at a similar idea to what Nathan wanted to do in the Dragon’s Den pitch a few years ago. The idea of having a creative space where freelancers, musicians, photographers and companies could come in and hire a space with the equipment to make creative content is sound. 

Why didn’t it take off then? Simple! Rent costs to much for a space that is big enough to offer a photography studio, filming studio and sound studio. It really is a case of simple economics. The risks are huge and you would probably need to cover 6 months rent just to get your name out there and start to see the rewards. 

So I went away and started picking some close friends’ brains trying to understand what their thoughts would be and what they felt were the benefits and pitfalls to trying to create a similar business, but with a different model. It started to fall in to place. 

We started to build a model. One friends almost instantly decided he wanted to be involved in the new project. Before long I was no longer thinking about NOT taking on an apprentice, but was now looking at building a business around a potential apprentice. This is a first for me, but I was inspired at the time. 

It took nearly 3 weeks to have some resemblance of a business model/plan but I was slowly getting there. With some great help from the guys and girls at the LDN group, I quickly started to realise that this was something that I HAD to try. It was no longer a brain exercise. 

So before long, I was sat in a meeting with Nathan and a representative of the Tech City Stars programme and was pitching 21 year old Nathan, who had somehow inspired me to build a company around him, his idea and his ethos. 

Now this isn’t the first time I have taken on interns/apprentices into our company. We’ve been very proud to see people come through our company and end up becoming Floor Managers at leading UK broadcasters, the head of journalism for a leading magazine, the CTO of a major financial institution and even end up buying one of our other companies from us after working with us for only 2 years. 

It’s amazing to see what people can achieve, but so often they don’t get given the initial opportunity to even try. So here we are. We have a new apprentice. Someone who is young, hungry and dynamic in his approach to solving problems. He has a higher EQ than any previous “bosses” I may have had in the past, and is now getting more and more involved in our new project. 

The project has evolved enormously in just 6 weeks, from initial concept, to becoming a business model that could sustain itself in a mere 12 months. But we’re super excited to be working on it right now. My co-founder and myself, share the vision for what we want to achieve next, and NONE of it would have been possible if it weren’t for Nathan at the Dragon’s Den event! 

We will be sharing more and more updates about the progress of Nathan, his development and more importantly our new venture which should be coming soon. 

Keep watching this space to find out more. 

Chris Bruno