Sandwich making time!

Now I know what you are all thinking, “Why is he blogging about making sandwiches?” To be honest I never thought in my whole time on this apprenticeship I would be making something to eat. The funniest thing about this story is this happened the day before I wrote my blog. “Getting back on my feet!” I walked into my office ready to work and one of the receptionist stopped me and said “I am holding a sandwich competition tomorrow would you like to put your name down.” I was surprised and actually took a minute to think to myself “Who would even like my sandwiches?” so I replied that I don’t think my sandwiches would get to far in this sort of game. And the receptionist told me “well if you do not feel comfortable as a competitor enter your name down as a judge.”

I thought being a judge can not be as bad as having to be pressured to make a sandwich to be shared between four judges. So I cracked on with my work and got on with my day, as the day went on I honestly forgot the competition was the next day. If I can remember rightly that day was one of the days I spoke of about falling behind with my work in my blog. So the next day came and again no word of a lie I had completely forgotten about this sandwich making competition. The day before I knew there was a chance I may not get picked because there was so many other names in the basket.

So on that day I was getting on with my work and finished writing my “Getting back on my feet blog.”  The receptionist came over to my desk and said "We had a competitor drop out can you replace them" at first I was going to say no and then I thought why not actually.

So now work had finish it was time for the competition I was nervous because I did not know what to expect and did not know what ingredients were there. When I got to where the competition was being held I gained a bit more confidence.

So when it started the host explained we have 3 minutes to make this sandwich... (I thought 3 minutes is more than enough time) so then we started, I attempted to make it look neat and it was. I layered the meat first then the salad. Half way through me laying the salad the host shouted "just under a minute left" I was quite shocked 2 minutes went by so fast. 

Now here is where I went wrong I started to panic trying to get a few more ingredients and I remember I wanted the mayonnaise another competitor was using. I thought to myself a little bit of mayonnaise will set the bar. As the host announced there was 15 seconds left, I quickly got the mayonnaise and unfortunately as I was rushing to finish in time I slapped down the biggest spoon of mayonnaise all over my sandwich. 

I did try to fix it but I made it worst and spread it out. It just looked really sloppy I couldn't help but laugh at this moment. Besides it looking sloppy the presentation was not that bad until the host told us we got to cut it into four so each judge can try a piece. I attempted to cut the sandwich but that made matters worst there was mayonnaise all over my gloves, so now the bread is all covered in this mayonnaise sauce. 

There were two competitors that really impressed me. One of them at first his sandwich looked like a hedge because he put so much rocket leafs inside, but when he cut it up it actually looked really nice and then the second one, she was ready for this. Her presentation was amazing, when she cut the bread into four she had sliced olives ready to place on each judges sandwich. 
In the end the judges marked up their winner. I knew I most probably lost for such sloppy outcome and unfortunately I did lose but surprisingly, the guy with the garden hedge was quite close in score. He scored higher for the presentation. What was unsurprising was that the girl with the amazing presentation won. 

When I spoke to the judges after they told me that mine actually tasted really nice just alot less mayonnaise was needed. I didn't have a chance to catch a picture of a the sloppy version but this is another I got to make for myself with no time limit. 

Thank you guys for reading yet another blog. Feel free to make a sandwich request on Twitter. @NathanJ94_

Take Care

Nathan Jordan