It's time to start designing!

On my second week of working, Chris asked me to design a few brochures for the Social INK. I was given all the information and pictures to go on the brochure, all I had to do was design it. I made the brochure colourful and used all the pictures. When I showed Chris my first attempt he told me “That's good, now make another one” I was happy to do it as I love designing.

So I designed my second attempt of the brochure I made it different compared to the first one. I was happy with the second brochure design, again it was quite colourful, but one thing Chris pointed out to me that I need to follow the colours of the website.

I was told to check how the website is laid out and try to design something similar to it. So I had a look at the website and got back to work, this time, Chris told me to make the brochure portrait this time. The design was ok, I liked it, at the time I thought it was really good, I thought I did well by using quite a few colour gradients to give it a nice feel but it was like I was designing something for a night club. I realised it didn’t have that professional, corporate touch to it.

So last week Chris sat down with me and told me why it needs to have a corporate feel to it and showed me some other examples and from that, I knew exactly what he was looking for. I spent a few days designing this brochure but I wanted to get this design right. Once I showed Chris the end product, he told me he really liked it, but there were a few changes needed to be done but other than that he was really impressed.

I learnt that because it looks good to me doesn’t mean that's how it should be. I thought to myself if the design was for a client would I be happy with what I showed Chris? also would the client be happy?

Understanding things like what colours the company use on their websites is vital and it is something I have never thought of before, And it actually makes sense to do a little research too before designing. I felt that my other attempts were poor compare to this final one.
I have attached the different styles of brochures so that everyone can see.

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My First attempt

Second attempt

Third attempt


Final attempt

Take Care
Nathan Jordan