You Learn Something New Everyday!


I have now finished my video from “Let Me Tell You About The Day I Got Lost!” and this whole project was a lesson for me. It started off just wanting to film street art in London, I started filming from Liverpool street and took a ten minute walk. Within that ten minutes I learnt to love London more and more. We don’t realise the beauty of our city till we actually take the time to go out and see what is actually there.

It was quite funny because in my head I was just searching for graffiti. I was searching for the most creative and unique pieces and actually ended up looking at the London skyline, how people were dressed. I realised that this is all art too and when I finally reached Nomadic Community Gardens, I actually thought to myself WOW. This is only a few minutes walk from the city. 

It made me think as much as I thought I knew my city, I don’t know it as well as I should. I can not imagine how many places there are like Nomadic Community Gardens

It still shocks me that a place like this exists. To think you can go and make whatever you want with what ever you find. I remember there was a painting that someone left for the garden. I just find it refreshing to know that people are so willing to give back to their community.
“The Best Things In Life Are Free” 

When I was editing my video I really wanted to make it look special because I wanted everyone to see what I saw and want you guys to see that this was only a ten minute journey. Since this project I have really wanted to go out and explore more. Once London's weather decides to be nice to me I am definitely going to search for similar places to Nomadic Community Gardens.
I feel like I have spoken to much about this one place. I think its time for you guys to finally watch and enjoy.

Don’t you agree?

I really hope everyone enjoyed this video and got the feeling that I got from recording and producing it. Thank you all for taking the time to read another of my blogs and thank you guys for the positive feedback. Honestly the feedback I get really does motivate me throughout my apprenticeship.

Take Care.
Nathan Jordan