The 10 tools we use the most in our Digital Marketing Agency. 

We recently completed a 6 week coaching course with a great group of entrepreneurs, who were an awesome group that really implemented the learning, held themselves accountable and did the work they needed to make sure they started to succeed.

At the end of all our courses we ask for feedback, and one of the comments said “really wish there was somewhere I could find all the tools you use in one place”. So here it is! Not just for her, but for everyone. The tools we use the most in our business.

  1. Google Apps for Business - This runs our business. Email, Calendars and Google Drive are all of the utmost importance for us. We can all stay in contact, we know where and what the team are doing and we all have access to important documents and files for our clients. If you’re not using this, I strongly recommend it.
  2. Evernote - I’m typing this article right now in Evernote. I’ve been an Evernote premium user now for a few years. In that time I’ve built up about 3000 notes, all of which are easily searchable. It syncs across all my devices and I can even get access on other computers by simply logging in through a browser.
  3. Scannable - This goes with Evernote superbly. Simply take a snap on your phone of any document, it automatically saves it and makes it in to what appears to be a scanned version. Save to Evernote directly from the app and voila! No more paperwork on your desk, but immediate access when you need it through Evernote.
  4. Slack - It’s an easy to use messaging platform which has replaced about 60% of our email conversations. We recently implemented Slack as a team, and it’s been amazing. So good in fact that we bring our clients in to it the platform as well. This means they can easily communicate with our team on their project. It’s really easy to use and can be customised with the help of…
  5. Zapier - If you haven’t heard of Zaps and Zapier you really need to look in to it. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of the internet. It sorts out everything. You can easily create rules, if this happens, do that. One of our favourites is, every time an Evernote in a particular shared folder is updated, it pings us on Slack to let us know.
  6. Hootsuite - We use hoot suite on a daily basis. For ourselves, for our clients, I even use it for me personally. It’s a simple and easy way to have ALL your social accounts in one place, easily post and schedule new content to go out and get an overview of whats going on thanks to their tabbed streams.
  7. Zoho Invoice - A great and easy to use invoicing platform. Connects to payment solutions such as Stripe/PayPal and easily allows you to send out invoices, chase payments and see how your business is doing from the dashboard. Even has a handy app to go with it, so you can do all of this on the go too.
  8. Mailchimp - Our favourite email/newsletter platform that we’ve ever used. We recommend this to pretty much every client we work with. Amazing platform, super simple, free up to 2,000 subscribers. Use it to send out content, split A/B test your content and track your campaigns performance.
  9. Squarespace - One of the best looking and simplest online CMS (Content Management Systems) available today. Our website is built on it. My personal website is built on it, and we’re proud to say we’re in the process of completing our 35th client website on the platform later this month. It’s incredibly powerful, super robust and requires NO coding knowledge at all for you to get started.
  10. Stripe - Accepting online payments is a must now a days for any business. Stripe makes it easy and pretty affordable. Connect your account to your invoicing platform, and it’s a 1-click process for clients to then be able to enter their credit card details and pay the invoice. Money is paid out every 7 days on our account and we’ve never had any issues.

I’ve hope this helps to give some insight in to how we use these online platforms for our benefit, and I hope you guys can too. They are really awesome tools.

Next week I’ll try to organise another post of the top 10 tools/apps we use purely for digital marketing.

Any questions, hit me up, or leave a comment, i’ll be happy to get involved.