Getting Back On My Feet!

This is such a weird thing for me to write about because I don’t know to really explain this but here we go! Last week Friday Chris was out of the office and I was working on a few things I had to finish, one of them being research. I got all the other things done and only got a little bit of the searching done by the end of the day. I was happy with what I found but it wasn’t enough, so I went home and thought its fine I will do the rest on Monday and spent the weekend in Brighton with a few friends.

Monday I decided to work from home and tackle the research and a few extra things I had to finish off. It started off well till I got stuck on one of the topics I was meant to be searching for. Everything I was reading did not make sense to me, I spent over an hour searching for this one topic knowing I have another 2 to look up for. I was getting stressed out because this is the first time I am working from home and I really felt like I have NOTHING to show. I was feeling quite down because I was thinking for two days of research what I have in front of me is pitiful but because having little is still having nothing at all.

Tuesday I had gone back to the office and my day was going good, then it hit me that their was a whole other piece of work that I completely forgot to keep track of. By the time I was going home I realised that I have started to get to comfortable and I was not putting 110% in. I went home kicking myself because I know better than that. Me not telling Chris I was struggling with that piece of work made me feel silly because I was told on my very first day. “If you are

struggling with anything just tell me.” But for some reason I did not listen to that advice and it cost me a whole day. 

So Wednesday I was not letting myself slip any lower than I have, I planned my day since the night before just to remain focused. Once I got in I got straight to work and by lunch time I was happy with the amount of work I got done I feel like I am catching up on all the work that I was letting slide. I am still disappointed in myself but I am happy to be on the right track again. 

I had to talk about this because this is the first time that I was falling behind and I didn’t realise how easy it can happen and that it could set you back so much. So now I hope to remain focus as much as I can because the next few months are only going to get harder.

Guys wish me luck. I start my classes on Monday which I am still really excited for. Its going to be good seeing some of the old faces from Reboot camp. Thank you guys for ready yet another blog of mine!

Take Care.
Nathan Jordan