Leads make prospects, which equal clients, which results in REVENUE! 

I talk about this a LOT on the company blog because it’s something that comes up in nearly every conversation I have with businesses, big and small. They want to generate more leads online and they really aren’t sure how to do it!

It’s the 101 principles of online marketing. It’s the BASICS and we all need to go back to them regularly if we want to succeed. When we start any campaign we need an objective. That can be anything like:

  • Build subscribers to a newsletter
  • Generate leads for a specific product
  • Sell an initial starter product (then looking at up-selling)

It doesn’t really matter what it is you are trying to achieve, the truth is, the steps are almost always exactly the same.

Rule 1

Don’t push people to your homepage or some generic page on your website already. This seldom works. Instead, create a landing page that showcases exactly what it is that you are trying to push/sell.

Rule 2

Create specific posts / adverts for the page you’ve created. Focus on a pain point for people. Give them some hope by engaging with them and how they are feeling with the problem they currently have. Then make sure you have identified YOUR solution on your landing page (this is why they should buy/sign-up/engage with you).

Rule 3

Make it really easy to get involved. Your Call To Action (CTA) is imperative here. If you make it complicated, hidden or more of a pain to execute than it should be then you are going to lose people’s attention. The more simple it is for someone to engage with you, the better the results.

Rule 4

Test! Then test some more! Once that’s done, guess what, test again! There are so many things on your landing page / posts / adverts that you can test. Including (but not limited to): Imagery, Text, Headlines, Call To Actions. Try different things and see what your audience engages with best.

These really are Online Marketing Basics! But the truth is we often forget about them and we move on looking for a complicated and creative solution to the problem which actually doesn’t exist.

Get back to basics, take control of your marketing and see the results you can achieve!

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chris bruno


I'm Chris Bruno, a serial entrepreneur and have been ever since I started working. Like to think of myself as slightly more evolved now, but the reality of it is, i'm still learning... Every day is a new lesson and running your own business is HARD!