The End Product!

I realised I am behind with the blog posting, I wanted to have my final edit out by Tuesday, but that didn’t work out. So just a quick recap, you all remember how excited I was to be able to go out around Shoreditch to film? Then I had that drama of running out of storage space on my phone and not being able to get all the shots I wanted, from that I then started to stress thinking I wouldn’t be able to produce a 60-90 seconds clip.

Yesterday I was working on some design work and also writing posts for social media. Chris then asked me when am I going to start my edit for my filming session, we decided to crack on with it there and then. I opened up Final Cut Pro and uploaded all of my footage. While it was uploading Chris told me to go online and find background music to go with it… Now I won’t lie. "IN MY MIND.” I wanted some UK Music i.e. Some Grime or rap to go with my edit. Then I remembered that won’t work due to Copyright.

Chris showed me a website where I can find free music that I will be able to use for my edit. I was telling myself I am going to find the closest thing to what I want. I listened to about two tracks before I came across the one I actually picked for the edit. 

Now there are two things about the song I picked that had me quite surprised and also made me think twice about picking it. Now remember I am a 21 year old, when I started recording this video I never thought I would...

  1. Pick a song that sounded so jolly!

        2.  Pick a song thats called “On Tiptoe"

Number 2 is what made me think twice about the song, but as much as the name put me off, its still a nice jolly tune. I knew instantly it would work. So now that I have got my song ready I was confident, excited and READY! I knew once Chris showed me the basics of Final Cut Pro, I would be able to make a nice edit. Chris showed me some real good tips on how to use it, he showed me it is quite similar to Photoshop. So now that I learnt the basics, Chris showed me how he would normally start a video. He made a nice intro with the Social INK logo, and told me I can add text if i want or even pictures. In my mind it was already all planned out. I remember telling Chris “I’VE GOT THIS!” 

Chris was definitely shocked at my confidence but I knew with the footage I had and the song to go behind it, I was already winning, the fear of not being able to not make a 60-90 second video was out the window. All this time Chris hasn’t seen my footage or even heard my backing track, he showed me how to create an intro, add transitions and add text. About half an hour later Chris looked over onto my screen and saw I was still on the Intro, he gave a smirk and said “your still on the intro.” With confidence I told him not to worry and reminded him that I got this!

Chris left me to do my edit, while he goes off to a meeting. I was more than happy with that because that way he couldn’t see my progress till today. I was working on my edit for for an hour or so, I was impressed with myself, I was chopping up the videos, adding some nice transitions I was so close to finishing the video but just didn’t know how to end it, funny thing was I didn’t use all of my clips and I was approaching the 90seconds quite fast.

I left the office, when i got home I watch some Big Bang Theory, then decided to go back to working on how I was going to finish this video. I showed my family what I did. My Mum and Dad loved it, my Mum even started giving me tips on how to end it. So me and my Mum were jotting down ideas of how i could finish it. Mum then told me to add some text.

As I added the text, Final Cut Pro decided to just close. Me and my Mum sat in such shock. I didn’t know what to say, to be honest I didn’t even know what happened. I re opened Final Cut Pro and saw nothing! I was so angry, all that was going through my mind was.” I can not believe this has happened.” . I was also thinking how am I going to tell Chris that it mysteriously got deleted. It was around 11.30pm. I just closed the laptop, my mum asked me. “Is it my fault.” At that moment in time I didn’t really want to blame myself… Would you?

My Mum was feeling so guilty, she told me to check again, there is no way the work can just disappear. In my mind I was happy she told me check again because I didn’t want to give up hope either. I opened up Final Cut Pro and just looked on a folder I made hoping it was in there. It showed a picture of a clip and on top of it, it said My project, the screen froze for a minute then everything came back. My face lit up like a christmas tree.

My Mum was so happy, she then said to me. “I was going to cry.” I felt bad but excited at the same time. In the end we finished it. We all watched again and were proud of the out come! So now its my time to share it with you guys! I am actually really proud of myself and thankful for the help from my Mum because my brain nearly exploded last night. 

This is my end product of my filming session in Shorditch hope you guys enjoy it.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read yet another blog of mine and for also watching my video,I will be posting another blog before the end of the week so please look out for it guys! I really hope you guys enjoyed it and I would really like if you guys could send me some feedback of the video to my twitter @NathanJ94_ . Also want to give a BIG thank you to my Mum again even though it was only the ending you helped me with you gave me the motivation I needed so thank you again!

Take care!

Nathan Jordan