Filming Session!

So on Thursday I was set a task to go out on the street and film London on my phone. I had to get 10/15 clips to make a 90 second video of the local area to help improve my filming and editing skills, I was excited to do this as I love London. I grew up in London, I grew up listening to UK grime so that love for London has always been in my heart and there is so much culture in this one city. I am quite lucky that the Social INK office is only a few minutes walk away from Shoreditch High Street, I instantly knew there was so much I could get by just walking around Shoreditch, Brick Lane and through Spitalfields market and even in Box Park.

I was in my element I thought this is going to be fine, I started off in Spitalfields market catching people walking through, buying food, and looking at other stalls, this was going to plan; I was happy

… UNTIL...

My 16 GB iPhone decided to tell me I have no more remaining space, this was a major setback because all these crazy ideas I had had gone out the window.

I spent about half an hour deleting Apps, pictures, videos and half of my music. The music hurt me the most as I knew the train home was going to be VERY long without music! Once I had deleted all of that it was time to get back to business. Besides the setbacks, it was fun. Seeing vintage shops and all the graffiti, getting the chance to walking along brick lane capturing footage, I was in THE zone. ( I was doing work.) 

As I reached the end of Brick Lane, my phone decided to notify me that I was low on memory again. Believe me it was quite annoying as I planned to get quite a lot of footage especially in the time I was given to do this project.

Now that I am being cautious of my memory I decided to walk up to Box Park and get some of the shots I pictured getting and then I eventually did. I am pleased that I did, the main one being standing at the top of the stairs catching the Box Park logo at an angle and recording people walking.

I don’t want to give away too much so I am going to end this here and show you guys the end product once I have finished editing it and have cut it by Tuesday. I can’t wait to see how my edit comes out, I think I have definitely got some good bits but I don’t know if I got enough to make a 90 second video as the time that I spent deleting stuff off my phone was time wasted unfortunately.

Thank you all for coming to read another of my blogs now, you guys are all amazing for taking the time. Also want to thank everyone that has given me feedback, honestly it motivates me more and more on my journey so thank you once again!

Take care.
Nathan Jordan