Marketing before Digital Marketing

I read a great article the other day about how Digital Marketing has just become an "echo chamber of meaningless buzzwords”. The article was very good to be fair, it talked about going back to the true basics of marketing before worrying about the “buzzwords” such as “SEO", "Content is King" or "Inbound Marketing".

It hit home as I read it for only one reason. I’ve been writing a lot about back to basics in the sense of lead generation online, but actually there may well be a step before that needs to be re-discovered.

It’s true that in today’s market place, everyone I know that’s working in Digital talks about "Content is King” and to some extent I still agree with this. All the stats point to websites with more content on a particular subject receive more traffic. But what I loved in this particular article, titled "Everything the tech world says about marketing is wrong” was the plain facts that Content has ALWAYS BEEN KING.

Content is simply the format in which we choose to push a certain message. Back in the day content was an advert on TV, it still is a full page ad in a magazine, and in fact it’s even that short YouTube video that you made recently. There has never been a time where Content wasn’t king. The quality and imagery of that content massively impacted your target audience and the same is still true today.

People get confused with the whole, online vs offline and funnily enough between content and content. There is nothing you’ve ever pushed out that isn’t a form of content. Regardless of what you think it is, it’s a piece of content. Blogs, Facebook Ads, Instagram posts, Periscope live videos, WHATEVER. It’s still content. The only thing that changes between these is the medium by which you are transmitting your message.

This is why I’m writing this today, maybe there is a step before your Facebook posts to your Landing Pages online. Maybe there is something that needs to be addressed one more time. Your brand, your message and your audience. This is quite possibly the key that needs to be looked at first.

Understanding that everything you do, offline or offline is a form of promoting your brand and as a brand you are responsible for that. Whether it’s annoying pop-up ads you’ve chosen somewhere, or if it’s a big poster advert in the tube stations in and around London. Your brand and your message is ultimately YOURS and how you are using it and how you are sharing it is all up to you.

When we are working with clients on their brands and how they want to market online, we often spend hours talking about the company, about the story, about the message, what they’ve done and where they are going. We find this is the best way to define what they should be doing and how they should be doing it when it comes to online spending.

Companies have a real story to tell, all companies have a story tell, it’s THEIR story about who they are, why they are here and what they want to accomplish. Sharing this story, when it’s true and 100% congruent with what they are doing as a team will be one of the most powerful “marketing campaigns” you could ever come up with.

Get involved with your audience, share, advertise, market, or whatever “buzzword” you want to call it, but come back down to who you are as a brand, what your message is and ultimately stick to that throughout to ensure your brand continues to develop and inspire.

Chris Bruno