First week Of My Apprenticeship!

So my first week is done already, to be honest I didn't expect it to go so fast. It started with me and Chris going for a coffee talking about how this week was going to go, then midweek we were both asking each other where has the week gone, followed by us having lunch at Wagamama’s as a well done on passing the first week. In the week I have been given some tasks to do which in the past I would tell myself I couldn’t do i.e. Writing a blog, since school days I never enjoyed writing, I would always moan when it came to writing some piece of content, I would honestly huff and puff about writing, even at the end of reboot camp we were all asked to write a page and a half review about camp, at first all I was doing was avoiding it, I kept thinking I don’t know what to write and really what is the point, then when I started writing I couldn’t stop, to the point where I wrote two pages worth and shocked myself. I remember showing a few people from my camp the work just to get their feedback and they were like "wow its so long but really good", I felt proud but my mind kept kicking in telling myself. "No Nathan, you don’t enjoy this.” So when Chris told me I will have to write two Blogs this week my heart sank, I was basically crying inside BUT I wasn’t going to say no for the fact is I told myself this is a new start for me, I’m going to put my all in to this opportunity, so I smiled and said SURE! I’ll write the blogs… Whilst still crying inside.
Besides the blogs I was given the chance to write posts for the Social Ink social media pages, before this apprenticeship I thought having to write out tweets for twitter would be easy, but I just say when you have only 140 characters to use, but you’ve also got to add a link and a photo to the tweet, you already lose out on half of those characters, which can be QUITE annoying. A few times Chris has looked over at me and asked. “ Are you alright there Nathan that was quite a loud Sigh.” I end up laughing because I don’t even realise I am doing it, to be honest Chris hasn’t witnessed me talking to myself whilst designing yet, he will most probably start thinking. “ Who have I employed.” Its just my way of keeping focused and correcting any mistakes I make while designing.
I still find this a really humbling experience because in the last week I have improved skills that I had troubles with before, again writing has never been my thing but I honestly don’t think, "I can’t do this” anymore I just get on with it and actually enjoy it, when I finish writing blogs and social media post I feel proud, I also have been learning things like uploading content to SquareSpace, and I had to do coding for a clothing line’s website, it was nice to be given the chance to code as I have never thought of doing it in the past and as I tried it I instantly fell in love with it, it took some time but I enjoyed how I got into a rhythm whilst doing it. I am really glad that I get to try all these new things and that its relatable to the creative path I want to pursue, in the past when I have worked in retail and even security, my first week wasn’t enjoyable like how this experience has turned out to be, don’t get me wrong I met good people at every job I worked at, but nothing compares to learning things you want to learn, working at things you want to achieve, when I was a door supervisor at bars I didn’t enjoy any of my shifts, in my head I am telling myself “this isn’t you” dealing with drunk people, refusing people entry and them getting annoyed with us as security but its the manager who decides who they want and don’t want to come in.
This week started off with nerves but ended on a high, I am happy that it was a busy week just because I got to experience hard rather than relaxed, my first day I joined Chris in a consulting meeting and got involved, Chris made me write out a report of the meeting to see if I understood and the feedback I received after showing Chris my report was really good, I am really proud of what I have done so far and proud of how far I have come. The next piece of work I have been set is to design a Presentation pack and I feel really confident with my Photoshop skills… Chris will now get to witness me talking to myself as I design, wish him luck guys!
I would like to thank you all for reading my third blog now, I hope you all are finding my journey exciting like how I am finding it. Don’t forget you can all follow me on twitter @NathanJ94_ I am open to all questions regarding my time here at Social Ink or even how I am finding things as a Apprentice.
Take Care.
Nathan Jordan.