Meet the New Guy at Social INK

It’s an awesome pleasure to introduce you all to Nathan, who has just joined Social INK and started an apprenticeship with us. He’s been thrown in the deep end this week! Client meetings, consultancy work, development documents and to make it even more fun, he’s also taking over our Social Media internally! He’s going to do great things with us, and I really believe in him.

So why am I writing this blog about him?

It’s simple really. I think this could be a game changing experience for a young person who is trying to get in to work and is trying to learn the relevant skills to be able to start a career. He’s UBER keen to learn new skills, he wants to take on responsibilities and he’s dedicated to making stuff happen when he’s here with us.

So as part of his journey, he will be writing a blog (possibly two) every week, talking about his experiences and how he’s finding working with Social INK. Hoping he’ll only mention the good bits about me.

I want you guys to all support him too. Keep up to date with what he’s doing! Give him some encouragement on the way. Help him to develop his skills and feel free to send him constructive criticism on anything you see, as feedback is the best way to learn in life.

So without me boring you all, keep an eye out here, on the Apprenticeship page to follow Nathan’s journey as he embarks on his new career with us!

Speak to you soon!