Search and Discovery

This is something that I come across on a regular basis. A LOT of clients don’t seem to understand the difference between Search and Discovery and even worse, they don’t seem to appreciate the importance of either! I thought I would take this moment on a Monday afternoon to go through the two, explain the differences and hopefully help you realise that BOTH are important and that you need to make the most of both concepts!

This is a VERY short and brief description to help you understand the key differences and why both are important to what you are doing online today!


Simply put, this is when someone goes to Google, Bing or another particular search engine and types in something very specific to you and your business. For example, looking for Digital Marketing Coaching or Accountants in London.

When this happens you want your business to come up in some way. Either through Sponsored Ads (Google) or organically, where the particular search engine is referencing your website because it believes you are a relevant response for that particular search term.

It’s important to understand that someone that is searching, is probably very keen on finding someone to use that service right now. So it’s going to be a great tool for your business to make sure that your business is appearing in those results.


This is very different to search. You’ve all discovered something recently, a new brand, service or product on one of the many Social Media platforms you are currently using. This can come up in a variety of ways. You happened to be on Facebook scrolling through your news feed and suddenly you see a Sponsored Ad, it’s for a new App that you think sounds good. You click on it. Download it and are now using the new app. That is the power of Discovery.

It’s not always the first time you see the advert, in fact it’s probably somewhere between the 8-15th time that you saw the advert that you decided to click on it. However, when you do, you’ve become part of that company’s discovery marketing success story.

The truth is, it’s not always when we buy that we engage with a brand. We may Like a Facebook page months before we are ever actually converted in to a sale, however, that initial Discovery process is vital in growing our brands online. If people aren’t engaging with you, following you online, then there is less chance of you generating new leads and ultimately clients later down the line.

In Summary it’s really important depending on your business and what you are trying to achieve that you understand the difference between these two marketing methods. The power of discovery is huge in today's market place. Especially with more and more users spending more and more time glued to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat accounts.

Using both in tandem can help you to massively increase your brand awareness and will result in you creating more engagement and ultimately more leads which generates revenue in the long term.

Get involved in both aspects by making sure that you are optimising your website to appear on search engines as well as using the tools available to you to build your social platforms to create more discovery on a regular basis.

Want to chat more, why not email me on and i’ll be happy to go through this with you. I love talking to creative business leaders and marketing people that are looking to build on their existing online presence, so hit me up with any questions you might have.