Want your small business to do better on social media?

A lot of small businesses just want to increase their social media presence. So whats the issue? Well, too many platforms have far too many ways for you to lose lots of money quickly and easily when you’re not sure what you are doing.  

Many small business owners that we talk to tell us horrifying stories about how they have recently spent £000s over the last 6 months trying to increase their social media presence. They’ve recruited people directly, they’ve tried outsourcing, they trusted a family friend to help out (sometimes trying to save money costs you more in the end) and some just tried ploughing money in to adverts online. 

Here’s the thing. No matter what platform you are on, no matter what you want to achieve, there is a way for you to achieve it. There are some great companies around that can help you to create an online presence that you will be proud of and that will generate interest in your brand/organisation. Some of these options can be very expensive. Alternatively you can get in to this side of your business and invest time, money and effort to learn how to run your online marketing. 

Let’s look at the options: 

1. Outsource to a reputable company that knows what they are doing and that can show you what they have done for other companies and brands.  
You’ll find some great companies that have original ideas and ways for your brand to really stand out online. The best thing about using an agency is, they KNOW what they are doing, and although sometimes it might take a while to achieve results with your online advertising, they know how to test, refine, test, refine and so on until the achieve success. 

Online advertising is like a mix between art and science. There is a scientific side to it, which includes the data, the results and the undisputed black and white results, but there is also the side that needs to be creative, to appeal to the subconscious and to engage with users. 

To have a good agency working with you, don’t expect to pay peanuts. A decent agency will cost you money, but remember, you are paying for years of experience, knowledge and because they have already run the learning curve of online advertising on more than one occasion.


2. Do It Yourself! 

This can cost a lot of money and time if you don’t start with the right foundations. Learning how things work for Facebook Advertising seems very easy. “I mean all you need to do is follow the simple steps on Facebook to create an AD and voila you’re making money”… I’ve heard this before, and I can’t tell you enough, this isn’t the way it goes. 

What ultimately happens is, someone in the small business champions the project, for about a month. There are regular updates, new information and everything is starting to go well. The new Facebook page, for example, is starting to get likes, thanks to a small campaign that is costing peanuts. When looked at in detail, the likes aren’t of any use to the business. Remember, Likes for vanity, engagement for sanity! 

Before you know it that person has been given a bigger budget, the adverts aren’t performing, you’re not finding the people that you want and need and you end up blowing the lot before converting a single customer. 

There is a steep learning curve to online marketing. The advertising platforms seem like they are so simple to navigate and setup, however, to reach success can be very costly. 


3. Don’t like the sound of these two options? There is another way. You could start by getting some help, some training in how the system works and creating a plan with a company that understands what you need as a small business. With this plan and training, you could then start taking over your online media, meaning you are in control and you keep your business’s costs down to a minimum. 

The skills you can learn to help you develop and build your online presence will stay with you for years to come. Most importantly you’ll have the basic knowledge to be able to move forward on your own and start getting results. 

If you want to have a conversation about your online presence and how you could be doing so much more yourself, why not contact us today to discuss what you are doing and what you want to achieve. 

I’m sure we can find a way to help you and a way to get you on the right path to be able to take this in house and to champion your online presence. 

Email me on chris@socialink.co and I will be happy to find some time to help your business!