Get ONLINE, there’s NO excuses anymore!

I still speak to businesses that tell me that online isn’t for them or that it doesn’t work in their market. Enough is enough. Some markets are tougher to crack. Some markets are more expensive to penetrate. But the simple truth is, ONLINE is the only way forward. 

When we look at advertising figures and circulation numbers for more traditional media, we can see that it’s slowing. There’s not much we can do about that. People want to consume content in different ways today. It’s changed! 

It’s not only the way we consume media, but also the way we do our research. Back in the day you would ask someone you knew for a recommendation for a restaurant for example. Someone you trusted would tell you “go to Johnny’s, it’s delicious” and that was that. You went to Johnny’s. 

Now however, we ask our friend and whilst they are still talking about the place, we’ve googled it. We can see where it is. We can see what rating it has and how it ranks compared to other restaurants locally. Now we’re checking the menu to see what we would order if we went there, and checking out the pics online to see what the food looks like. Result, Johnny’s does look good. Let’s go there then. 

The recommendation is still alive, but we follow it up with research ONLINE!  
Anytime I hear a recommendation, I look at the company online. If I can’t find anything about them online, then chances are, that’s how far the recommendation will go. The next generation will probably simply rely on the google result, and will pass up on even asking for the recommendation in the first place. 

When I do find the website or the Facebook page for the recommendation, I have a quick look around and see what they are all about. I want to know how they portray themselves, what message they are sending out and I’ll usually have a nose around their latest news or blog articles to see what they feel is important for me to know. 

I’m not alone at doing this. In fact, the internet is built up of these types of searches and follow ups to recommendations. 

So if it works this way, why not use online to help with this and with discovery. Instead of me asking people about where to go, or who to use, I will often find myself going back to Facebook and finding that company that I saw a little while ago, offering that particular service that I’m NOW looking for. In fact, I recently did just that, when my bathtub started leaking in to my living room (NOT FUN). I had seen an advert for emergency plumbers on Facebook and decided to use them. Trusting that if they are online and social they have to keep a good record otherwise people would trash them online, and ultimately we as prospects would know. 

With Facebook hitting over a billion people (August 2015) on their service in one day, there’s no feasible excuses anymore as to why YOUR business can’t target your audience on this platform. There are more options for targeted advertising than ever before. Your company can be using these platforms to help people find your business more easily. 

These platforms help with brand recognition, increasing user engagement (when done properly) and finally, ensuring that you are present when people look.  
If you want to talk more about being online, why not check out our site, we’ll be happy to help you build up a better online presence to ensure you continue to grow your business online.

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