Tips for Digital Marketing with Videos


Online video marketing has a substantial amount of potential for many different types of businesses. Business owners may want to start considering the benefit of adding video content to help with their digital marketing efforts. 

Why Use Video?

Today, video is a relatively cost effective method of marketing. Forrester Research found that videos were a whopping 50 times as likely to get a ranking on the first page of search engines as other types of content. Adding video could help your business to find more customers and clients with less time and effort than many of the traditional marketing methods.

Before the proliferation of sites such as YouTube and the pervasiveness of videos online, companies that wanted to create videos for marketing, such as commercials, would have to spend a large chunk of their advertising budget. Today, things are far easier. The technology available is more affordable than ever. This makes it possible for companies of all different sizes to engage in video and to create content that really draws the attention of potential customers.

Video Tips

Even though it is easy to get into video, you do need to understand some of the tips and tricks that will make your videos work and that will get them seen by the right audience. One of the most important elements has nothing to do with the actual shooting of the video itself. It’s all about the title. You need to have a catchy title that gives the viewer an indication of what they will be seeing and why they should watch the video. Additionally, add keywords into the title and the description. 

You also need to have high quality content if you hope to keep your audience. To develop quality content, you first need to know your ideal target customer and the type of information they desire. What are their pain points? What are the things they need to know the most? Focus your content around these things, and you will find that the viewers will come. Additionally, take the opportunity to brand the video with your logo. You can do this in the beginning, as well as at the end. This ensures that people will associate the video with your company. 

You should also make sure to include your URL in the video, as well as the video description. This way, if someone were to find the content on YouTube, they would still know how to get to your website. If the content is strong enough, you can be sure they will follow the link. 

While you do not have to spend a fortune on the equipment you use, you will still want to invest in a good quality camera, as well as a quality microphone and recording system. The sound is just as important as the video. 

The types of video you create are up to you. They could be informative, or a how to video, a product demonstration, or anything else you believe will appeal to your target audience.

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