Which Digital Marketing Metrics Are the Most Important?


Businesses that are trying to improve their overall digital marketing strategy need be aware of some of the most important metrics they should be tracking. By understanding and following the numbers, it provides insight into better ways to run a website, as well as marketing on that site and with other online endeavors.

Total Number of Visits

This is one of the most important and first metrics you will need to consider. This is the total number of visitors to your site over a given period. You will want to check the number of unique visitors, as well as the number of return visitors, as we will discuss below. This number will give you a good idea of where your site stands overall, and once you start to break down the other metrics you will begin to see places where you can improve.

Channel Specific Traffic

Where did all of the traffic to your site or store come from in the first place? Knowing whether they found your site through a search engine, one of the social networks, or through an advertisement can provide you with a wealth of marketing information. You will know which area of marketing is strongest, as well as which ones you will need to improve. For example, if you find that you are not getting much traction through the search engines, it could be because you have weak onsite content that just isn’t getting ranked, or that doesn’t interest your ideal customer. That would be something that you need to fix.

Time on the Site

Once a person visits your site, regardless of how they arrived, you should track how much time they actually spend there, as well as which pages they visit. Doing so will let you know whether the content you have on your page or in your store is actually keeping the attention of the visitors. If you can’t keep visitors on your site, then there is trouble with your marketing message.

Number of Return Visitors

This is one of the most important metrics to track. How many people are actually coming back to your site? Just because you can get someone to click on your ad or your site once, it doesn’t mean much if they aren’t a returning visitor who actually becomes a customer. This ties in well with the following metric.

Bounce Rate

This metric will show you the percentage of people who leave your website without exploring it at all. Bouncing is generally undesirable. If you find that your rate is high, it is time to look at your landing page and see what might be causing so many potential customers to leave.

These are certainly not the only metrics that you will want to follow when you are trying to improve your digital marketing. However, they are some of the most important, and they should be on the top of your list. Use the information you garner to improve all aspects of your marketing, as well as your online content.

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