Importance of Mobile in Digital Marketing


How are most people today viewing your website and the content that you offer? A few years ago, the answer was obvious. They were on their desktops or laptops when they viewed websites, as that was the only real way to do it. Of course, as technology advanced, smartphones and tablets became popular. Today, many people who are on the web are actually browsing using these small mobile devices. What does this mean for your company? It means you need to be certain your website is able to handle the influx of mobile users.

How Does Your Site Look and Work on Mobile Devices?

If you do not have a responsive site that will adapt and look good on any sized screen, it can affect your company’s success. No one likes to look at a full website on the small screen or a phone or tablet. They want a site that looks good and works even better on the smaller platforms. If it suddenly becomes difficult to navigate on the smaller screen, they are not going to want to use the site. It is as simple as that. They will move on to one of your competitors. 

In addition to the quality of the sites in terms of appearance and functionality, you also need to consider the speed of the site. It has to load quickly on the mobile devices if you want to keep their attention. Slow loading sites lead to customers that bounce off the site and land on one of your competitor’s. 

It is important to make sure that all of the pages of your site work well and load quickly, not just the landing page. The entire site, including the blog posts, videos, and product pages need to load quickly. All of the content geared toward marketing to the customers will not do a bit of good if the site is so slow the visitors leave before it can load.

How Many People Really Use Mobile?

Sometime around the middle of 2013, the tides changed. Before that year, more people were using their desktops to access the web. Today, the number of mobile users far surpasses desktop users. This means that around the world, hundreds of millions of people are using their mobile devices to surf the web. You can’t afford to put off developing a workable mobile site any longer. It’s easier to do today with the advent of responsive design, as mentioned earlier. It means that the same site will look great and load quickly no matter the size of the screen – desktop monitor, laptop, and different sized phones and tablets.

Having a site for mobile users is of growing importance. Whether you are doing business with other large companies or you are selling directly to the public, many of your site visitors will be on their phones. If you do not take the time and put in the effort to optimize your site, the rest of your digital marketing will be wasted.

Kind regards

Anna Ingram

Social Manager