Podcasts to Improve Digital Marketing Sales and Leads


Marketers who want to improve their bottom line should always be willing to try new avenues, so long as they can fit in well with the company’s branding. An option that some businesses are using today is the podcast. A podcast is essentially like a radio show in most cases. They can cover any subject, topic, and field, and the creators can then place them online, allowing them to be downloaded from places such as iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Why Are Podcasts a Good Idea?

Podcasts have been around for a number of years now, and they are more popular today than they’ve ever been. People are always looking for things to watch and listen to as a form of information and entertainment, and that’s just what a good podcast can offer. Of course, from your perspective, it also offers a great marketing opportunity. They also have a long tail, meaning that once you put up a podcast, it can be there in perpetuity. A show that you record this week could still be doing branding work for you with a new audience five years from now.

Tips for the Podcast

When creating the podcast, it is very important that you take your time to develop a good formula for the show. People do not want to listen to boring people talk about things that should be interesting. You need to have good and interesting hosts, and you need to create subject topics that are of interest to your target audience. In the beginning, it’s a good idea to keep the podcasts on the shorter side – around twenty minutes or less. Once you have a few shows under your belt, you can see whether the audience would like the shows to be a bit longer.

While it is possible to host a podcast with just a single person, conversations with some good back and forth tend to work much better. Use the podcast as a way to get listeners to visit your website and to follow you on social networks. Of course, you will also want to let your site visitors and social media followers know about your podcast show.

The Cons of Podcasting

Of course, even though there is a wealth of great reasons to consider adding a podcast to your company’s repertoire of marketing tools, there are some cons as well. It’s important to remember that podcasting takes a substantial amount of time and skill to do well. Some companies may not have the personnel with the time or the skills needed to handle the chore. There is also the matter of hosting the files and getting them to the right places, such as iTunes and Stitcher.

Still, if you have been trying to find a new and interesting way to reach your audience, podcasting is certainly something that companies might want to consider. It can be a fun and interesting way to get more people interested in your company and brand, and it is certainly a good way to get your information out there.

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Anna Ingram

Social Manager