Lead Generation in the Digital Marketing Age


Marketers today need to embrace the digital world if they want to succeed. They have to learn the best ways to continue generating leads and gaining customers. The “old school” methods do not always work as well, so it is important to rethink strategies and understand what their companies need to do. Fortunately, the basic steps to improve lead generation are quite simple to understand. Implementing them correctly is where many companies falter.


First, you have to make sure that you have an optimized website. This is where the majority of your potential customers are going to visit, as it is likely where your ads will direct them. The website needs to focus on the customers. It needs simple and easy to understand navigation, quality calls to action, and content that focuses on the customers’ concerns and shows them that you offer what they need. Make your services and products easy to understand and do your best to keep pricing as transparent as possible. When you optimize your site with great content, you will find that it can help you achieve higher rankings in the search engine as well.

Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media is one of the most important inventions of the past couple of decades. Few realized just how pervasive it would become, but it seems as though nearly everyone is on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This means that your company needs to be on those sites as well, especially if you hope to generate new leads. One of the caveats of using social media though is that you can’t make everything about advertising. You have to make sure you are engaging with and connecting with your followers and fans. This helps to build brand loyalty.

Email Marketing

Some might think that email marketing is no longer relevant, but that is not the case at all. In fact, most people have email accounts and check them on a daily basis. A well-timed and well-crafted email with a solid marketing pitch and a good product or service still holds a lot of weight. By providing more than just an ad, such as a coupon, it can help to boost the number of leads that actually become customers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In addition to the other lead generation methods, pay-per-click ads are doing quite well. When they have the right keywords it makes it easier to reach your target audience when they are surfing on the web. This gives your company more visibility in front of the right people. Just make sure that you create an attention grabbing ad with value. 

If you want your company to be a great success, you should make sure you and your marketing team are doing everything possible to generate leads at every turn. When you employ the right techniques in a way that aligns with your company, you can come out on top. Since the world is connected digitally, they can work well no matter where your company might be.

Kind regards

Anna Ingram

Social Manager