Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2015


Digital marketing is an essential tactic for all businesses that want to grow and succeed. However, it is important to understand the best way to use digital marketing, as well as some of the biggest mistakes to avoid. It’s time to examine some of the biggest gaffs that a number of companies have been making so you can avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not Varying the Content

Some companies find one type of content that they enjoy producing and that they feel confident with and never bother branching out to other areas. This can make their digital marketing really struggle. If you are only creating blog content for your site, or only creating descriptions for your online store, then you are missing some great opportunities. Look at expanding your content. When you do, it will allow you to grow your digital marketing. For example, you should engage on social media. Consider starting a podcast and even put up videos on YouTube. The more content you have the better your branding and the more powerful your marketing platform.

Mistake #2: Not Engaging Properly on Social Media

It is 2015. If you aren’t on social media with your business, you are behind the times by several years. Of course, even if you are on social media, there’s a chance that you could be doing it wrong. Yes, it’s possible to use Twitter and Facebook in the wrong way. If you are only using the platforms as a way to push your marketing message, you are missing a huge opportunity. While it is helpful for marketing, you also need to make sure that you are engaging with your customers and developing actual relationships with them. This makes them more likely to become customers than constantly telling them to buy something.

Mistake #3: Not Using Analytics

Analytics are your friend, and you need to use them. You have to measure the success and failure of each of your various marketing tactics, as well as your website and your social media. Every bit of information you receive from the analytics can be used to improve your overall marketing and business strategy. Understanding analytics is always going to benefit you.

Mistake #4: Not Knowing Your Customers

You might think that you know your customer, but do you really? In today’s world, you need to understand your typical, ideal customer. You also need to begin segmenting your customers into different groups whether you are a B2B company or a company that sells directly to the public. Having different segments can provide your marketing department with different strategies to go after these niche customers.

Once you are able to rectify these four mistakes that you might be making, or to avoid them altogether, you will find that digital marketing becomes quite a bit easier to understand and actually enjoy. It’s a new world of advertising, and any company that wants to thrive needs to stay on top of every aspect of their marketing.

Kind regards 

Anna Ingram

Social Manager