Implementing Inbound Digital Marketing


When you have a high quality inbound digital marketing plan at work in your company, you will find that the customers are finding and coming to you. This is an ideal way for your marketing to work, but it does not happen by accident. You need to have a good strategy in place first.

Who Are Your Buyers?

The first and most important step for any business that is hoping to improve their marketing success is to ensure that they really know their customers. What is it that your customer wants and needs? Who are they and what are the pain points you can address with your content? Take the time to really think about the customers interested in the products you are offering and then you will find that it becomes easier to tailor the rest of your plan around them.

The Right Content and Keywords

Content is what gets people to websites. Whether it is a consistently updated blog, new products, or new videos, content remains the king of the hill. You need to take the information you garnered while you were defining the ideal customer and now create content geared toward that individual. Address their needs and use the right keywords while doing so. If you find that your customers are young and on the move, consider adding video content that will work on a mobile device, for example. You need to make sure you are creating the type of content that your customers want.

Set Your Goals

You can’t determine how well or how poorly you are doing unless you have goals for yourself. You can’t even set yourself off on the right path without a list of concrete goals. The content goals need to align with your marketing goals. How many new visitors to your site do you want? How many conversions do you want to have? Make a list of goals and tailor your plan to try to meet them.

Revisit and Reassess

Once you implement your inbound marketing plan, you need to watch it and see how it does. When you look at the results of the plan, take what works and continue, and throw out that which doesn’t. Revisit the plan and consider new content strategies to bring in the customers. You should be learning from your analytics, as well as feedback on your blog and social media sites, about what your audience does and does not like. Use that to your advantage and make changes according to the wants and needs of the customer.

Consider Getting Some Outside Assistance

Some businesses may find that they do not want to deal with all of the digital marketing and content creation on their own. They can always consider hiring a third party to help them or train them in certain tasks. This can often make it easier to get a handle on inbound marketing. Of course, you have to make sure those working with you are on the same page when it comes to your branding and the company personality you want to put forward.

Kind regards

Anna Ingram

Social Manager