Digital Marketing Tips for Coupons and Discounts


In the past, coupons were relegated to flyers in the mail and perhaps in the newspaper. Today, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to use coupons and discount codes online, as well as in the actual store. Companies that want to start implementing coupons will find that it has a lot of potential to help with the success of their digital marketing campaign. Let’s look at a few tips that can help you integrate them.

Use Coupons and Codes in Emails

If your company uses an email list, then consider adding coupons to the emails you send out on occasion. Coupons or codes in the email will get people engaged with the email, and it can spark a return visit to your site or store. You also ensure the coupons are getting into the hands of people who have an actual interest in your company since they’ve already signed up for email list.

Combine With Social Media

By now, you should have a strong social media presence, or you should at least be building one. While you do not want all of your messages on social media to be about promoting your company and selling, you still want the occasional post that markets to your followers and fans. Consider adding a coupon or a discount code to the post. Again, this is a good way to get people to take the leap and actually become a customer.

Make the Coupons Visually Appealing and Branded

One of the mistakes that some companies are making when it comes to their coupons is lack of visual focus. While the coupon does not have to be an artistic masterpiece, it should have your branding on it, and it should have some visual appeal. It needs to be clear as to what the offer is, naturally. However, adding branding elements can work quite well.

Let People Share the Coupons

Instead of taking your cues from the coupons of the past, which were only good for a single customer, allow the digital coupons and codes to be shared by many people. Encourage them to send the coupon to their friends and everyone in their social network. This helps to get the word out about your company to others who might not have you on their radar yet. You could end up getting a substantial number of sales that you didn’t expect when you do this. This may not work for all sales for your company, but it is something you should consider.

Measure the Results

Once you have implemented coupons as a part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to measure the results. How many people used the code or coupon, and where did they get it? Were most of them from your email list, or did the majority of them come from social media? Knowing these results will tell you where you need to focus for your next campaign to have it become even more effective.

Kind regards

Anna Ingram

Social Manager