Microvideo: Can it work for my business?


You Tube recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and it's fair to say that the video sharing site is here to stay. But what of YouTube's younger cousins, the Micovideo sites Vine and Instagram Video? What do they mean for digital marketing, and how can we best utilise them in our marketing strategies?

What is Microvideo?

Microvideo is exactly what it says, that is short video clips filmed through smartphone apps such as Vine and Instagram Video. The word 'Micro' sums them up perfectly: think 15 seconds for Instagram Video and 6 seconds for Vine. TV production companies have been using them to create teasers for upcoming programmes and to get behind the scenes at current programmes. With the consumption of digital video doubling from 2012, and Vine and Instagram Video owned by Twitter and Facebook respectively, quick fire content creation looks to be a major player in the future of Social Media.

Why should my business use it?

As we mentioned above, digital video consumption has doubled in the last three years, and as smartphone ownership continues to increase, this looks set to continue. Microvideo is important for mobile watchers for two reasons; firstly, the length of time of video means that it won't gallop through your data allowance and secondly, the micro aspect means that it can be watched anywhere, so your business can potentially target its audience anywhere, from the office to train station to beach.

How should we use it?

As with all Social Media platforms, identifying your audience is key. Once you have established your audience, you can begin working on appropriate content to get your messages across. If you have a series of messages relating to the same topic, try creating a series of micro videos, and keep your audience coming back.

As online streaming subscriptions increase, consumers are becoming more and more used to accessing video when and where they want to. Take a look at Microvideo today and see how it can benefit your business's digital marketing.

Kind regards

Anna Ingram

Social Manager