Mobile Marketing Strategies You Can’t Afford to Neglect


When you go out to dinner or you are sitting in a waiting room, take a moment to glance around at the others in the room. What are they doing? Chances are a good number of them are busily tapping away at a smartphone or tablet in their hands. Everyone seems to have a mobile device today.

Think Responsive Design

One of the first things to consider with mobile is the design of your site. Even though your site might look and work phenomenally on a laptop or desktop, you have to consider just how well it works on a variety of different mobile devices. If you don’t have a responsive site design, chances are that it will not look and work perfectly, and this could affect your business. Consider building a site that will scale and change to match the various phones and tablets that people might use to view it. Responsive design ensures that all visitors, no matter what they are using, will have a great experience on your site.

Integrate Mobile With Social Media

Your website needs to be able to integrate with social media networks. Add buttons to your page or blog for Facebook, Twitter, and other pertinent sites, so that it’s nice and easy to share while using a mobile phone. It’s a simple but important thing to do, considering just how many people are using their smartphone for surfing the web.

Deliver Messages via SMS

For those customers who opt in, you can send SMS messages to them when you have a special offer for them. They will receive these on their phones, which is ideal since people have their phones with them most of the time. However, it is important to configure those messages so they only show up at the right time – not the middle of the night, for example. Additionally, some people may find that they don’t like getting messages, which can be true if you send too many too often. Make sure they have an easy way to opt out of the messaging system.

The world of mobile marketing is changing rapidly, and it is important for businesses of all types to do their best to keep up with this evolving landscape. Watch for new options, and pay attention to what other companies are doing when it comes to mobile marketing so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Kind regards

Anna Ingram

Social Manager