Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


No matter how long you’ve been marketing on the web, there’s always a chance that you could be making some mistakes that are costing you some customers. Let’s look at some of the biggest blunders that people are making, so you can avoid them – or fix them if you happen to be making these mistakes already.

Content Problems

What’s the content like on your blog or website? If you hope to get better rankings, then you need to have quality content. It needs to be something that your readers will actually enjoy or be able to use, and you need to make sure you update the content frequently. The content should be more than just a paragraph or two as well. 300 words is generally the minimum length that a post should be today. The search engines tend to like longer content. Also, readers want something that’s substantial. It will keep them coming back for more.

No Offsite Links

What if you don’t have offsite links that direct back to your page? This could be a big problem. The search engines put a lot of weight in quality backlinks. However, they really do need to be quality links. The days of “link farming” are over. Try to get sites that are similar to yours to let you do a guest post, and to let you add your link. Ask for reviews of your service or products and request that they add a link to the piece they write.

Social Media Issues

If you aren’t on social media, you are falling behind. It is a very important part of online marketing, and you can’t avoid it. However, you have to know the best way to use the social networks. You need to engage with your audience and provide them with good content. You do not want all of your posts to be about selling your services though. Make it about connecting with the customers. You also need to be careful about interacting – do not lose your temper on social media, or it can come back to haunt you.

No Sales Strategy

Having a great site and content is fantastic, but you do need to have a sales strategy. It’s true that you do not want to try to oversell your services, but you still need to make it clear that you are a business and you have certain services and products for sale. Have calls to action on your content.

Kind regards

Anna Ingram

Social Manager