Digital Marketing Trends in 2015


As we approach the close of the first quarter of 2015, we wanted to look at the Digital Marketing trends that have emerged and what's still to come. 

Mobile Will Be More Important

Marketing with the mobile crowd is already important, but it’s set to become even more vital in the coming year. More and more people are using mobile devices, and they are using them more often. They are looking for easy-to-access information about your business, and they expect to find it. Marketers need to make sure that they are ready for the increase in mobile users, as it should help them to find quite a bit more business. 

Content Remains the King

Content is still very important. In fact, many feel that it’s even more important today to have great online content. It will keep the readers interested and coming back. It is very important for marketers to redouble their efforts with fantastic content if they want to keep up with the competition.

Location-Based Searches Will Rise

Research is showing that, as more and more content becomes geo-tagged, the more consumers will start using location-based searching. This is something that you will want to consider heavily. Consider adding your location to your content if you are offering services through a brick and mortar location, for example. It will increase the likelihood of people finding your particular company when they are searching online. For example, if your company is in Los Angeles, and you offer financial planning, make sure that you add that location to your keywords used in your content.

Video Becomes More Important

People love video. Just look at the amount of hours people spend watching YouTube. Using videos, even if you don’t make something that goes “viral”, is a great way to expand your reach. You can create your own commercials, provide facts about your company and services, talk about your field, and more. You can even place the videos on your website and on your social networking pages. One of the takeaways from these trends should be the cost effectiveness of it all. Digital marketing does not need to be expensive in order to work well. Keep that in mind when you start adding these elements to your strategy in 2015.

Kind Regards

Anna Ingram

Social Manager