Best Social Media Sites and Tools to Use



How many social media sites are out there today? How many of those sites should you be using regularly? There seem to be countless options for social networking, but that doesn’t mean you need to put time and effort into all of those different outlets. Pick and choose the best ones for your business, and then use some specialized tools to make working with them even easier.

Top Social Networking Sites to Use

Of course, you certainly need to make sure that you are a part of the “big” sites out there. This includes places such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These are the places where it seems as though everyone has an account, and you should certainly make these a part of your daily marketing routine. However, you have some other options as well, which you may want to add depending on what your company has to offer. Consider Pinterest, Vine, and Google+ as well. In addition, think about your company’s speciality niche and see if there are any sites geared toward what you do. Join those to find likeminded individuals.

What Tools Make It Easier?

If you plan to post often on Facebook, then consider using Post Planner. It’s an app in FB that provides you with a dashboard that makes it easy to schedule updates well in advance of the post. It provides a list of status ideas, trending content, and much more to give you more insight into how to make the site work well for your needs. TweetDeck is a great tool to use for managing Twitter accounts. You can send and receive Tweets through the dashboard, and it simply makes handling the account easier, especially for those who are very busy and may not be able to keep up with both. 

Twitter and Facebook.

Hootsuite is another popular option you may want to consider. It works with Facebook and Twitter as well, and it has an easy to operate dashboard that allows users to manage their accounts, track conversions, and measure the success of their campaign. They have a free version and a paid version for those who want more features. Social networking is not something that will be going away anytime soon. It’s very important that your company learn to embrace this change and see just how beneficial it can be for all of your online marketing needs.


Anna Ingram

Social Manager