How to Engage With Clients Online


The days of being a faceless business that just sells products or services to customers that you never see and only rarely interact with is over. In today’s world, marketing is all about engaging with the customers and clients to help create a deeper and richer relationship. The goal is to develop this bond between company and customer so that those customers then become loyal and help to spread your brand through word of mouth and their social media outlets. This tactic might seem relatively new, and when it comes to the digital age, it certainly is.

However, take a moment to think back fifty years or so, when businesses relied on word of mouth from friends and neighbors. Businesses would spend time talking with all of the customers and clients who walked through the door, and they learned a bit about each of them. It bonded those customers to the business. The social tools of the Internet are making that possible again. You simply need to make sure you are using them the right way.

Get on Social Media

Social sites such as Twitter and Facebook are the new water cooler. It’s where people gather to talk about everything from sports to their most recent purchases or things they want to buy. You need to be where the people are, so make sure you have business accounts for all of the major social networking sites, and remain active on them. Talk with people, and when they have questions answer them.

Stay Active on Your Blog

If you write a blog – and you should no matter what business you are in – then you need to stay active on it. Write regular posts with good content. However, it is just as important to read and reply to questions and comments left on the blog. Engage with people one on one, and always keep the conversation civil, even if they are being negative.

The key is to not shy away from talking with the clients and customers. You can even start conversations. Once you start to engage, you’ll find that it’s easy and actually fun. People will start talking about your company to their friends and family. You will also see that your company’s brand awareness starts to grow quite a bit, and that’s always a good thing. This can work for virtually any type of business that you might have. You have your niche, now go out there and start interacting with it!


Chris Bruno


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