2014 - PRESENT

We were approached by Blacktower Financial Management, who were looking for a full Digital Marketing Managed Service. After getting to understand what they needed and wanted, we set about creating a plan that would cover all their online needs. It all started with a new design for their website, and moving on to developing their social media & online advertising platforms. 

The tricky part for their website was to be able to bring together 13 locations across the world, all in to one site, but still allow the various offices the autonomy to be able to share and promote specific parts of the website, ensuring they received the correct leads for each part of the business. 

We set about creating the site, that includes all team members, offices, locations and services that the company offers. It's a dynamic site, that is updated regularly with the latest news for Expat financial services and is regulated by the FSC in Gibraltar. 

the website 


Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 13.23.02.png



Most financial services companies stay away from Social Media, seeing it as too costly a way to communicate and a world that simply moves too quickly. 

Blacktower Financial Management embraced social media, seeing it as a tool to help them communicate and engage with customers and potential customers across the globe. 


To date, their online campaign continues to improve, with their following increasing slowly but surely as they lead the way in engaging with their customers with all the latest information. 

Check it out for yourself: