We speak to a lot of startups and consultants who are struggling with their brand voice. Sounds very marketing and Don Draper doesn’t it? “Brand Voice.” What does it even mean? If you consider how your brand is received online through content, be it blogs, videos, images, social media posts etc. That content as a whole is your brand voice. But startups overthink this. 

Your brand voice; your tone – is you. Don’t change the way you speak or the way you type to appeal to some different demographic that you think will want to work with you because of what you say or the way you say it. The most authentic you is you when you are talking to your friends, your family, your colleagues. 

How to be human with your tone of voice

So don’t get caught up in defining that voice when you are the one producing the content. It should come naturally. Don’t stiffen up and act corporate if you are a startup. Be human – interact with accounts and customers in the way that you would like to be spoken to. 

If then in the future you choose to go with an agency or hire a marketing person, they will need to be flexible enough to capture that voice or add their own to it. But initially being you is super powerful and easy. It will win you valuable fans and customers that follow and buy from you for the right reasons. Not because you are being someone that you are not. 

Don’t be a faker

The worst example of this online is the countless examples of influencers who share imagery of wealth. But that wealth is hired. Theirs for the day. It’s the Airbnb or the hired Lamborghini – it’s not real. Sharing the real story of where you are and how you get there is the authenticity that in the long run wins. 

Tell the real story in your own voice

In our latest experiment – The Social INK Show – we recorded over a dodgy internet connection, used Zoom and our iPhones. People that like it, will like us for the right reasons and in the future when the show has millions of followers (!!!), we can look back and see the history and authenticity of what we created. 

Don’t try and be someone that you are not. Be authentic – your brand voice will shine through and your content creation will change drastically from being a chore to being fun! 

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James, Commercial Director here at Social INK, is a strategic thinker. He has an uncanny ability for seeing the big picture, then breaking it down and systematising the processes needed to achieve it.