Get off Your Phone and Stay Away from Social Media. It’s Better for Your Business.

That’s a pretty bold statement from a digital marketing agency, with a bit of a thing for social media. But being on social media could actually be harming your business. Maybe you should get of your phone and stay away from social media?

Let us explain.

Smartphones are pretty handy business tools. With enough charge and a decent data plan, it’s all you need to be able to conduct business. Check and send emails. Post to Facebook. Tweet. Connect and share on LinkedIn. Make videos in 4K. Take high def photos. All on-the-go. Perfect for keeping up-to-date with everything and keeping your business moving forward.


How true is this really?

Does your phone help or actually hinder your business?

Would you be better off without it?

When does the ultimate convenience, become an inconvenience?

As a startup (even as an established business), you’ll find that you depend on your phone for many elements of your business. But there’s a solid argument for taking a step back, reducing how much time you’re actually spending on the phone, and being really selective over what you’re using your phone for.

Just Calls

Increase your productivity and efficiency by limiting your phone usage as much as possible to business calls.

Calls connect you with clients and suppliers. It’s the most direct form of communication you have at your disposal and the one that inspires the most action.

Talking builds relationships and trust. You build rapport with people and become instantly more human when you speak to someone on the phone rather than communicate via email or messages. In fact, 86% of telephone communication is made up of ‘tone of voice’ and just 14% the words we say. And although you can establish brand ‘tone of voice’ across your business’ written communications, it’s never going to be quite the same when trying to make a deal with a supplier or catch up with a client.

In short: use your phone to call people.

By all means use apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or even FaceTime for conference calls. But nothing beats having someone’s personal phone number when it comes to doing business.

Apps are a distraction you can do without.

Social Notworking

It’s important to establish your business across social media. With 3.196 billion active social media users globally you’d be crazy not to.

When 1 in every 3 minutes on mobile is spent using a social app, it’s important to get your business into your customers’ timelines, engaging and interacting with your content.

This doesn’t mean that you should spend 1 in every 3 minutes on social media. You have a business to run. So, get off your phone and stay away from social media.

Keep social media time to a minimal distraction, not a constant chore.

As a startup founder or established business owner, your energies are best spent in securing long-term growth and success.

Let someone with more experience look after the time-consuming social media.


Time is money. Yes, it’s cliché, but think about it. Time is the one thing you’ll never get back. It’s a luxury. And when you’re in startup mode, especially, you can’t afford to waste any of it. No business can afford to.

Managing and monitoring your social media channels. Creating and running paid-for online advertising and digital marketing campaigns. Developing regular content. The reality of maintaining an online presence for your business is far more complicated than just pushing out a couple of social media posts every once in a while. It takes time to do it properly and effectively. And it’s not where your focus should be.

Outsourcing your digital marketing and social media management to a specialist team frees you up to dedicate your time to the core of your business.

Run it. And run it well.

Forget about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Disable business profile notifications on your phone. Let someone else take care of it. Someone else with the time, knowledge, and resources to provide you with a complete social media marketing service.

Really get to know the team you’re entrusting with your business’ online presence. Work together on establishing your brand’s tone of voice and persona across all your channels. And when you’re happy with the plan, trust in their ability to execute it.

With an outsourced digital marketing team backing you up, you can get off your phone and stay away from social media, giving you time to focus on the day-to-day.

Your business needs you.

Your digital marketing and social media need someone else.

See below.

If you’re interested in finding out how Social INK can help your business, don’t hesitate to reach out here.

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Our Social Media Marketing OMB Shortlist

Where to begin? A very good question to ask. And one we did ask when faced with judging over 130 creative concepts advertising the benefits of social media marketing for businesses and SMEs. So, after much deliberation, a Google Drive folder labelled ‘Long List’, and a subfolder titled ‘Shortlist’, we managed to whittle all the entries down to these top picks.

It wasn’t easy. The level of creativity and execution was, well, GIF-worthy.

Tim And Eric Mind Blown GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

What we looked for in the entries wasn’t the level of refinement. It was more about the idea. Did it have campaign potential? But, most importantly, did it address the brief? Did the ad actively showcase how beneficial social media marketing can be for businesses and SMEs?

So, based on those criteria, here’s our shortlist.

Did You Make Our Social Media Marketing OMB Shortlist?

Congratulations to those who feature in this shortlist. The competition was tough! In no particular order, you are:

We really liked the visual and the clever play on “Release the Kraken” linked to social media marketing’s potential. We also liked the push to our free social media audit.

The message here was clear and simple. Social media marketing is more than just having a social media profile. That, and the tentacles.

We really liked the visual on this entry. And the use of a purple marker pen. The copy also illustrates a clear benefit for businesses and SMEs. We like to think we create content that sucks people in.

News travels fast. It travels even faster on social media. This idea acutely summarised how effective intuitive social media marketing can be.

Juliette joined Twitter just to submit an OMB for our brief. This was done in one minute under Nick’s watchful eye. We love the quick thinking here.

What needs to be said? We like to work with brave businesses, and this is straight up ballsy.

A clever play on our brand name and the effect of the work we do. What’s not to love?

Yes, a drop in the ocean. But like Shireen’s ad, the right drop still stands out and makes a massive impact. Social media can too.

This is a brilliant concept. It can be applied in so many ways: as an image, a video, a tie in… The simplicity and effectiveness got our attention.

This is another concept that would work well in different formats (still images, GIFs, videos, etc). The mix-and-match approach could apply to quite a few different businesses, using objects, people, buildings… You name it.

A healthy dose of humour makes an advert stand out. The concept and the copy clearly showed one of the major benefits of social media marketing. Then there’s the strong added visual of Bigfoot using a hairbrush. Love it.

Clever use of the different platforms while talking about them left a strong impression of what businesses can achieve with social media.

Social media marketing is a two-way conversation. It’s about actively engaging your audience. This ad captures the idea succinctly.

Charlotte was prolific in her entries. But this one stood out amongst the hundreds she submitted. It illustrates the benefit to businesses of outsourcing their social media marketing to a dedicated and expert team.

Something we love about social media is the opportunities we find for collaboration. This collab between Gary and Rich really showcased how social media can break businesses out of the local bubble and make them global.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Somehow we’ve got to figure out our winner. Coffee, gin, beer, and pizza may be required. But the real question is, where to begin?

We’ve been here before.

Like an episode of X-factor, it’s back to the judges’ houses, as we try to work out our top three. And hopefully, get a step closer to finding our overall winner.

A massive thanks to One Minute Briefs and the OMBLEs for their creativity, and for making this a difficult choice. Sometimes, the best ideas come when we don’t overthink.

Join us on Twitter to see our future OMB entries and let us know your top picks.

And remember to keep checking our various social channels for further outcomes from this social media marketing experiment.

If you’re interested in finding out how Social INK can help your business, don’t hesitate to reach out here.

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Social Media Marketing in Action! Social INK Does One Minute Briefs

Well, that was breathtaking! As far as social media marketing experiments go, this has got to be up there as one of the most enjoyable. We’ve been completely blown away by the creative responses to our One Minute Brief. And apart from some cramp in our fingers from all those retweets, comments, and likes, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in our experiment. The OMBLES are an impressive creative community.

For anyone reading this unaware of what we’re talking about, today we ran a competition over on Twitter in collaboration with One Minute Briefs — a user-generated social content community.

The brief: Advertise the Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses and SMEs, with @socialink_co.

The outcome: See below.

Our Social Media Marketing Experiment

Businesses and SMEs are often unsure of the value of social media to their brand. We’re frequently asked: “Does social media marketing really work?” And we totally understand why.

Ultimately, the bottom line for businesses is they find it hard to justify paying someone to be on social media. They also need to see a tangible return on investment. For these reasons, they feel more comfortable pursuing more traditional offline marketing activities

It’s for these exact reasons we designed an experiment to prove just how valuable social media marketing can be for brands.

We asked the One Minute Briefs community to design and create concepts that encapsulate the benefits of social media marketing for businesses and SMEs. There was an added caveat though. We wanted the OMBLES to get creative with the different features of each platform to showcase how versatile social media can be.

The response was amazing, and we had an absolute blast seeing the creative results pour in.

Below are some of our favourite posts from the day.

OMBelievable Creativity

The OMBLES submitted over 100 ideas. Some were funny, playing off ink or octopus puns, some were literal, keeping the meaning clear, and others used pop culture references or parodies to get their point across.

Humour is a great way to get noticed, especially online:

And the kraken puns were funny, on brand, and just straight up cool.

Some ideas covered simple campaigns. Some ideas are worth using more than once:

And then we had puns:

And popular culture…

And plays on ‘ink’.

Some even got ballsy.

No, we mean REALLY ballsy.

Check out more of the entries in our Twitter moment, to easily retweet and comment, or browse the full set of entries in our Facebook album all in one place.

So, What Next?

Social media gives brands the power to target content, and particularly ads, to a very specific audience, allowing them to measure and track what works. More importantly, they can do so at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods. The data a social media marketing campaign produces is more immediate and useful in terms of tracking ROI.

The next step for us, here at Social INK, is to analyse all the data from our social media marketing experiment with One Minute Briefs. We want to know exactly how effective social media can be for businesses of any size, with a little creativity.

Once we’ve drawn our conclusions, we plan to publish a detailed case study. Hopefully, we’ll have a definitive answer to, “Does social media marketing really work?”

Finally, we’d like to thank Nick Entwistle, CEO and founder of the Bank of Creativity and One Minute Briefs, for helping us with this project. And, of course, the OMBLES for taking part and making it a really enjoyable and rewarding day.

Even the Social INK team pitched in!


We just wanted to take a moment to thank the incredibly talented and creative OMBles for taking the time to get involved. The whole team here at Social INK have been blown away by the quality (and quantity) of entries. Simply amazing stuff! Thank you all.

Keep an eye out on our various social channels for further results and conclusions from this social media marketing experiment. And stay tuned for the announcement of the overall winning entry.

If you’re interested in finding out how Social INK can help your business, don’t hesitate to reach out here.

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