Ruler - To Measure is to Know - Importance of Metrics

Which Digital Marketing Metrics Are the Most Important?

Businesses that are trying to improve their overall digital marketing strategy need be aware of some of the most important metrics they should be tracking. By understanding and following the numbers, it provides insight into better ways to run a website, as well as marketing on that site and with other online endeavors.

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Using Pinterest for Digital Marketing

Many companies already understand just how important it is to work with social media for their digital marketing. However, a number of businesses tend to stick with the “go to” platforms of Facebook and Twitter. While they are certainly the two biggest and most powerful options, it is important to remember that they are not the only options. 

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Use Onsite Digital Marketing Content to Entice Customers

Your company has a website, naturally. However, are you sure that the content on the site is actually doing a good job getting new customers for your business? Are you actually converting the visitors who arrive, or do they bounce off the site before they get a chance to experience what you offer?

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Tips for Marketing With Instagram

When you post on Instagram, you need to make sure that you aren’t posting in a vacuum. This simply means that you need to interact with your followers and those who comment on your photos.

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Tips for Improving Your Digital Marketing Strategy

No matter where you are with your digital marketing strategy right now, chances are good that you want to improve. Even those with a great plan in place should continue looking for ways to make their marketing work even harder for them. The following are some of the best and simplest tips to boost your marketing prowess.

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Tips for Digital Marketing with Videos

Online video marketing has a substantial amount of potential for many different types of businesses. Business owners may want to start considering the benefit of adding video content to help with their digital marketing efforts.

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Importance of Mobile in Digital Marketing

How are most people today viewing your website and the content that you offer? A few years ago, the answer was obvious. They were on their desktops or laptops when they viewed websites, as that was the only real way to do it. Of course, as technology advanced, smartphones and tablets became popular. Today, many people who are on the web are actually browsing using these small mobile devices. What does this mean for your company?

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Develop Buyer Personas for Better Digital Marketing

In order to become a successful business, you really need to know who your buyers are and who the target audience is. This will help with the creation and updating of your digital marketing strategy.

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Avoid Digital Marketing Mistakes When Using Social Media

Social media can be a very powerful tool when used correctly by businesses. However, an unfortunate number of companies end up running into trouble on these sites, and it comes back to bite them. When you are using the social media platforms, keep all of the following mistakes in mind and be sure to avoid them.

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Why Is Focusing on Digital Marketing Vital for Today’s Business?

Even though some old-fashioned business owners out there might not like the idea, the Internet, and digital marketing, is not a flash in the pan. It is not something that will go away. In fact, it will only continue to evolve and dominate the landscape of marketing. This means that your company needs to get on board with the idea before you fall to the competition. Let’s examine some of the most important reasons to develop your own strong digital marketing strategy today.

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