A few weeks ago Chris and I sat down to record The Social INK Show – Episode 2. After the first episode had been so gratefully received by our adoring public (mainly my parents), we were keen to maintain the momentum. Chris was away travelling in the city of Nice in southern France whilst I was up in the Lake District enjoying some fresh air and brisk walks. So we jumped on a zoom call and put the world to rights on a few different broadly digital marketing focussed subjects.

The difficult second album.

We discussed long-form content and how we are using it both for ourselves and for a lot of our clients to overcome the issues of procrastination and ideation. The Social INK Show is a cornerstone of our own marketing efforts. From that one recording, we are able to produce content for a whole month. That hour is a combination of developing ideas that we want to discuss and developing the first draft for a lot of the other content you see on our various social channels.

Pondering Questions on the Show!

Another subject that we covered was the question that I have been pondering personally about whether or not I should start a podcast and what form that would take. Chris had some interesting takes on how to come up with ideas for the podcast. Essentially I simply needed to pull my finger out and get started. Watch this space!

In what might become an ongoing feature of The Social INK Show both Chris and I discussed some failures that we have had in business. I won’t ruin the show here but let’s just say we go a bit nuts in this section.

The Social INK Show – Episode 2

Do you like us?

In addition to these bigger subjects, we had a lot of fun and banter between the two of us. So if you like that kind of thing, all you need to do is head over to the Social INK YouTube channel where you’ll find episode two in all its glory.

And if you like the graphics do drop a comment. It was my first attempt at creating and editing something that looks semi-professional. All feedback as always is gratefully received! Remember, you can also catch up on Episode 1 of The Social INK Show here.

And if you feel your business could use some help in creating this kind of content or you simply want to find out a bit more about the various services Social INK offers head here and book a time to start a conversation with us.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James, Commercial Director here at Social INK, is a strategic thinker. He has an uncanny ability for seeing the big picture, then breaking it down and systematising the processes needed to achieve it.