Is it time you took control of your online marketing? 

Not everyone can afford to pay for agencies to run their marketing campaigns. Lots of small companies want to be able to run their own online marketing especially during the early stages of the business. We have heard this a lot from small business owners over the years, so we decided to create this easy 7 Days - 7 Tips to Radically Improve Your Digital Marketing email series. 

The series of emails covers: 

  • How to get your blog online in 60 minutes. 
  • Which Social Networks you should choose for your business? 
  • How to Outsource to succeed.
  • and Much Much More. 
Source -  QMEE

Source - QMEE

Digital Marketing can be a really confusing place. There are so many social networks, advertising platforms and "what can I blog about" questions out there. We want to help you get a better grasp on how this can work for you and your business. We realise that not all the stats are so easy, but we LOVE this infographic to help you get a grasp on just how big online is today. 

Did you know there are:

  • 41,000 Posts every second on Facebook
  • 278,000 Tweets every 60 seconds
  • 3,600 Instagram Pic every minute

This shows us just how quickly our Digital Marketing can get lost in the sea of online today. We want to help you get the most out of your online. 

How do you stack up against those figures? Could you use some help to understand how to do better online? 

Get some help today, with our 7 Days - 7 Tips email series. 

Standing out in a world with that much going on online can be tough. If you've already started your online campaigns, why not sign up for our Free 7 Days - 7 Tips to see what else you could be doing to make your results online better and maybe even make your life easier. 

Check out a quick snippet from Day 3: 

"Facebook on the other hand allows you to post pics/videos with long explanations as a post, which if people like the opening phrases of, they’ll click “show more” and continue reading. It’s a great way to engage on what might be called a “deeper” level. 
On Twitter, it’s all about short and sweet! The #Hashtag helps a lot. Getting the right #Hashtag can really help you get your tweets in front of the right people. But it’s limited by characters and that limits many people’s imaginations. 
I’m not going to continue rattling on about each of these networks individually. What I’m going to say is this. If you want to commit to a social network (I’m not saying get married, but at least the equivalent of some serious monogamous dating at this point) then you need to be committed. I always try to convince people to concentrate on one to begin with. It allows them to commit more to it and to make sure that it works for them. 
Building an audience takes time, building trust with that audience takes EVEN LONGER. The reason is that people need to see that your updates are bringing value to their lives. "

Still not convinced?

Did we mention it was free?

Yep, that's right, this is a free series of emails, with no obligation. We just wanted to give something back and if you read something that helps you and your business then we feel like we've succeeded. That's the only reason we set this up. 

Want to ask us a question about Digital Marketing? You can do that too. We're not the "Big Evil Agency" you should be scared of. We're the small agency that cares. Let's see how we can help you... Email us on any time you want. 

Remember, these are 7 Email Tips, in 7 Days ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

I'm Chris Bruno, I founded Social INK in 2008. I'd like to let you know that I wrote these emails with only one purpose in mind, you as a small business owner needing some pointers with your online marketing. I've chosen 7 really specific topics that I KNOW will help you to do better online. We've helped 100+ small business to create online platforms that work for them. 

Signup, read the emails, and if at any point you're not happy with them, get in touch, my direct email address is on each tip and I'll be happy to refund you what this has cost. (I know what you're thinking, it's free, but I think you took the time to read them, you're not happy, let's have a chat, I'll give you some of my time back to make up for it). 

I really don't have much more to say, what are you waiting for? Grab it whilst it's still available.