This May, you’re going to see a lot of the Social INK team. Welcome to our 30 Days of Live experiment.

UPDATE: Want to know how it went? Read our 30 Days Of Live Streaming roundup.

Why Live Streaming Matters on Social Media in 2019

Increasingly, social media platforms are developing ways of becoming more ‘live’ and interactive. In the early days, smaller audiences made it easy for social media feeds to be shown chronologically, according to when they were last posted.

Now, the sheer amount of content that you would see from 1 minute ago, 2 minutes ago, 3 minutes ago, makes it impossible to keep a time-based feed. Hence, the algorithms are designed to show users relevant content that they’ll enjoy or engage with.

But live video is truly live. Effectively, it’s a shorter gap between you and your audience. Or, to put it another way, it’s about as social as you can get, interacting with your audience and encouraging a proper two-way conversation.

Unsurprisingly, live streaming has become far more than just a ‘video gaming’ thing. It’s important to remember that any business in any industry can benefit from video production. Consequently, the same applies to live video, too.

Our 30 Days of Live Experiment

In order to explore the latest live streaming options in 2019, and share marketing tips, insight, and concrete guides along the way, we’ll be going live for 30 days straight in May 2019.

The platforms we’ll be using:

  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

So follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to take part in our two-way conversations, ask questions, and feature in our experiment to go live for 30 days.

Don’t want to miss a video? Subscribe to our YouTube channel. It’s where we’ll be uploading all of the videos to a concise ’30 Days of Live’ playlist.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Social media and content tips
  • Behind-the-scenes of our creative sessions (like One Minute Briefs)
  • Twitter chats and other online communities
  • All things digital marketing!

More topics, dates, and interviews will be announced as we go along. In the meantime, if you want to be a part of our experiment and have your say on a digital marketing topic, get in touch!

The Benefits of Live Streaming

Indeed, live streaming has the same benefits of prerecorded video. But, with extra levels of excitement. To clarify, it’s the difference between watching a match live or watching the highlights.

In summary, live video is ideal for event coverage, sharing breaking news, going behind-the-scenes, giving lessons, and connecting over shared moments. It can be as simple as a coffee break.

Certainly, in the busy world of business, even B2B audiences can enjoy multitasking. This isn’t just for B2C businesses. From makeup to accounting to aerospace engineering, there are stories any business can share live.

In a world that’s increasingly edited and highlighted, a live video is an effective way to be genuine and truly connect.

Catch Up On 30 Days of Live

Watch the full series in our 30 Days Of Live YouTube playlist, or see each video in situ on their respective platforms at the links below:

May 1

CEO, Chris Bruno, breaking the ice with a quick introduction to #30DaysOfLive.

May 2

Create more effective content using this simple mnemonic. Presented by our own Head of Content, Gareth Alvarez.

May 3

Use what you have, and build a simple framework. Head of Social, Anna Simmonds, talks about why a bad plan is better than nothing at all.

May 4

When was the last time you did a security audit of your online accounts? Here’s how to secure your business online, in less than 5 minutes.

May 5

Kickstart your content marketing with these three tips to help you get results.

May 6

Your social media bios are a small part of your digital marketing, but they make a big impact. A quick reminder on a bank holiday, from CEO, Chris Bruno.

May 7

Gareth went live on Twitter to talk about the benefits of Twitter chats for business, and answer the first question from this week’s #ContentClubUK chat.

May 8

Ever been stuck for ideas on what to post? Anna walks through 5 things you can post on social media, again and again, to grow online.

May 9

Things don’t always go to plan, and that’s OK. Here’s what to do when that happens and how to make the most of it, with Chris Bruno.

May 10

Chris shares some tips on how to make time for social media, live from Canary Wharf.

May 11

Share the real you. Chris checks in from Goodwood.

Gareth went rogue from a canoe to share tips on repurposing content, like we have for #30DaysOfLive!

May 12

Is your to-do list too long to stay consistent online? Chris talks about the point every business hits eventually: having too much work to do alone.

May 13

What does a social media takeover look like? Chris shares a look behind the scenes of our work with Eden Sparkling Wine.

May 14

Are you alienating an entire audience? Here are quick tips to make social media content more accessible.

May 15

Chris talks about how the The Green Wood Cafe showcases what social media is all about: showing off what you do. It’s not just about selling.

May 16

Digital marketing is like going to the gym. Gareth explains why.

May 17

Many business owners start off doing everything themselves. So is your digital marketing run by a personal decision or a business one?

May 18

How often do you unplug? Food for thought with Head of Social, Anna Simmonds.

May 19

“Sunday blues” and living for the weekend isn’t how we’re naturally built. Chris talks about what Sundays should be for.

May 20

When you approach social media in the right way, everything else is much easier. Some quick applicable tips from Anna, our Head of Social.

May 21

Gareth Alvarez, Head of Content, walks through easy ways to organise your social media and content plans. (FREE templates here!)

May 22

Failure is an inevitable part of business, and marketing. Chris talks about how to approach it so it doesn’t trip you up.

May 23

How exactly does a digital marketing agency help businesses grow online?

May 24

There’s never been a better time than NOW to start your email list.

May 25

Local businesses can benefit from digital marketing as much as any online business ever could.

May 26

We challenge YOU to set a challenge!

May 27

Are you being your own brand ambassador?

May 28

Save time and be more effective by repurposing content. It’s so much more than just blogging!

May 29

Chris, Gareth, and Anna chatted about all things digital marketing – influencers, live streaming, video marketing, content strategy, how to balance it all, and more!

May 30

So what exactly does ‘content marketing’ mean? Gareth has the one definition to rule them all.