Have you seen the changes that are coming to Facebook pages? 

Over the last week there are a couple of fairly big changes that have been slowly worked in to business pages. I wanted to bring a couple to your attention. 

*If you haven’t had these on your page yet, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure they are going to be rolled out to everyone fairly soon. 

The page layout has been evolving over the past few months. You may have noticed this, bit by bit. A couple of the most noticeable changes: 

  1. The profile picture is not longer overlaid on the cover picture. It’s now completely separate and in the top left corner. 
  2. Your page layout no longer shows your latest posts first. Depending on your settings, you may have pictures or videos first. You’ve probably noticed that the tabs on the left hand side have changed. You may even have noticed a “shop” tab, regardless of if you set one up. 
  3. In the settings you can “Edit Page” and choose a set layout, which gives you default tabs. 
  4. You can re-arrange these tabs as best suits your business page. You can even hide certain tabs if they aren’t relevant to your page. 

Now these are all fairly little things, but they are key things that we noticed slowly changing. As they started to come about we realised that we needed to updated and check our pages and our clients’ pages too. 

We wanted to make sure we offered the best layout to visitors to these pages. We suggest you do the same thing. 

A neat and easy way to check the changes you have made is to hit the “more” button on your page and then choose the “View as page visitor” button. 

This will allow you to see the page as your audience will see it. If you see something you don’t like, or you think you should change the order of the tabs, etc, you can make the necessary changes quickly and easily. 

The second big change that is slowly being introduced is, messages, comments and even Instagram comments are all migrating into one place. Not all our clients have had these feature enabled, but it is coming soon to everyone. 

It’s going to make your life so much easier when it comes to sorting through interactions with your audience as well as actually being able to reply to anything, there and then, all from one place. 

We’re kind of excited about this. Yes we’re geeks and we know what you are thinking… “Excited about that”. When you start receiving messages and comments on a page, you quickly realise how time consuming it can be. Multiply that by messages in one place, comments in another, then Instagram in a whole other app. 

It can end up consuming a big part of your day without you even noticing it. 

So keep an eye out for these changes. Get on top of your page. Remember, it’s all about giving the audience the best experience possible, so think about them and get on top of these things. 


Written whilst sipping a double-chocco-mochha-latte-penne-arrabiata… Wait, that doesn’t sound right!  

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

Chris, founder and CEO of Social INK, has devised and consulted on more digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns than you can shake a stick at. He’s also got a bit of a thing for online advertising and social media advertising.