People like stories far more than they like bland lists of information, and this is something that all companies should consider when they are creating their digital marketing content. Since they were children, people loved the idea of being entertained by a story while learning something in the process. While it might not always seem plausible, all companies have stories to tell, and they should certainly be a part of your branding. You will find that storytelling can work well with all different forms of content, and it is perfect for the digital age.

Who Are You?

Today, when people are considering doing business with a company, whether they are an individual customer or they are another business, they want to know more about who the company really is. You can give them this information in an entertaining way that includes your marketing message, your branding, and your mission. Rather than a boring list of achievements, create a story about the formation of the company and its growth. Talk about the founders and give some of their biographical information in interesting ways.

Types of Content

We live in a wondrous digital age, and you should do your best to take advantage of this. You can integrate storytelling to your website and blog, particularly in the about section. You can provide some behind the scenes information in some of your blog posts as well. 

Consider creating video content as well. People who find video content on your site are more likely to stay on your site longer. It has the potential to give them the information they want in an entertaining way. You can place videos on your site and have them hosted on YouTube, for example. This provides people with even more ways to learn about your company. Videos are perfect for telling stories. You can go into the history of the company and the founders, talk about the creation of different products or services in an entertaining way, and so much more. 

Along the same line, you might want to consider starting a podcast. While this certainly entails some work, it provides you with a different format for audio storytelling that you can combine with your other digital marketing strategies. While you do not need all of your podcasts to revolve around stories about the company, you want to keep them entertaining. You can interview others in the field, interview people in the company, and provide interesting industry news. There is quite a bit of untapped potential in this field.

Build a Connection

Since the dawn of language, stories have helped people and cultures connect with one another. You can do the same thing in the digital world of today. When you are able to improve your relationship and the trust that customers and clients feel toward your company, it can help to grow your business. Utilizing storytelling should be a part of all digital marketing campaigns. It helps to make all of the other marketing efforts pay off.

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Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

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