Many companies are missing a great marketing opportunity when it comes to Slideshare. Slideshare allows you to create presentations that are similar to PowerPoint. The visitors are able to go through the slides at their own pace, and you can fill those slides with content that your target audience will find informative and interesting. The presentations you are able to create on the site can be a shot in the arm for any marketing team that’s looking to try something new. When you create quality content, they can also be quite effective. Using this site requires some different tactics though.

Keep Them Short and Easy to Read

Since Slideshare is similar to PowerPoint, you want to keep things as short and sweet as possible. There is simply not enough room to crowd too much text onto the screen, and if you try, it will just turn the readers away. Keep the points you want to make as short and simple as you can, while still retaining all of the needed information.

Make Them Visually Pleasing

Anyone who has ever had to sit through a presentation knows that a little bit of visual excitement can help to make them better overall. In addition to using bullet points and keeping sentences and paragraphs short, consider adding some photos, charts, and other elements to keep people interested visually. Just make sure that any visual pieces you add are relevant to the overall presentation.

Include a Call to Action

As with any type of digital marketing, you need to have a call to action on your Slideshare presentation. In addition to having your branded information on each of the pages, you need to have a strong call to action at the end. Encourage the readers to visit your website or to check out your social media pages, for example. You could also ask them to sign up for emails or a newsletter. Another great way to get them to take action is to offer something free, such as an ebook, if they take the action you suggest.

Use Keywords for Tags and Descriptions

As with most other online content, you need to make sure you have your keywords added into the description of the piece as well as tags. This helps your presentation to get a higher ranking in the search engines for those particular terms, which increases the chance of your target audience finding it.

Be Sure to Share

Always share your Slideshare presentations and encourage others to do the same. Let people on your social networks know about them, and even post about them on your blog. If you have good information and a well-designed presentation, people who enjoy it are very likely to want to share it with their friends and family who also find it interesting.

Consider using Slideshare as a part of your marketing toolbox. It might not be a tool that you want to use for all of your marketing, of course. However, it can offer a new way to reach your audience and to find new potential customers.

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Chris Bruno

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