Whether you are starting the very first real marketing campaign for your business, or you are a veteran, you always need to take time to develop a competent and workable digital marketing strategy. While it may seem overwhelming, there are certain steps that you can follow to make it easier. Following this path helps to streamline the process substantially.

Where Are You Now?

When you are developing your strategy, the first order of business is to determine where your company is at this point in time. How much cachet do you have in the industry and how well known is your brand? Whether you are starting from the very beginning or your company has been around for a while, knowing where you stand will give you a better idea of where you have to go. 

Make a list of goals for your marketing plan. Do you want to increase the number of visitors to your website? Are you looking to increase the amount of traction you have on the various social media sites? Naturally, you want to increase the number of sales or clients that you have, but you need to determine the best pathways to make that happen. A list of goals, always reaching toward the overarching goal of more sales, will help immensely.

What Can You Do?

Now that you have your list of goals, it is time to determine what you need to do in order to reach them. Any good digital marketing strategy will have a number of different avenues of attack. You do not want to put all of your energy in one direction, as it might turn out to be a bad move. Instead, consider a wealth of different digital marketing opportunities and employ those.

For example, you will want to utilize social media to its fullest. You also need to consider the onsite content that you are offering. Google and other search engines have algorithms that put a lot of weight into fresh, quality content on sites. This means the days of the static web page are over. You need to have content, and the content needs to be updated regularly. This is why so many companies are starting to use blogs today. 

Consider other types of digital marketing content as well, since you need to supplement what’s on your blog and the social media sites. You should add videos, for example. Podcasts, while they might take added time and dedication, can be a great way to build up a loyal audience that eventually becomes customers.

Does the Strategy Work?

Once you have your digital marketing plan in place, give it a bit of time to work for you. Track the progress of all of your various efforts and measure the results. Find what worked and what did not work, and then tweak your approach. This constant launch, measure, and change cycle is essential to making it in today’s highly competitive world. Keeping on top of your marketing successes and failures helps your future campaigns to become stronger.

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Chris Bruno

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