With the advent of social media, YouTube, podcasting and online ads, it is only natural that you wonder whether using email can still work as a digital marketing technique. It actually has some fantastic potential still, and a number of companies are still using email marketing to great effect. However, making it work is about far more than buying a list of potential buyers. You really need to know how to make the emails something interesting and useful for the readers if you want them to become customers.

Make the Email Personal

People get a large amount of email, and they will send some of it right into the junk folder without ever looking at it. When you personalize the email with the person’s name though, it improves the chance of them opening and reading it. If they signed up for your emails, then they are likely interested in what you have to offer. Personalization is very important, so do not overlook it.

Put Thought in the Subject Lines and Headings

Just as with blogs, you need to have a great and catchy title with your emails. You need to take time to think about the headlines and make sure that they convey what the email contains. Present a problem in the subject line, for example. If you know your target, then you know their biggest concerns. Turn those concerns into your subject lines and headings, and then offer your solution in the body of the email. The entirety of your email should be written with your target audience in mind.

Give Value

The email should offer something to the customer, and it needs to be more than a marketing pitch. Why do they want to click on your link and go to your site? You could give them a free trial, or a discount. You might even offer a free item if they act quickly. This leads into the next tip.

Have a Call to Action

Your email needs to have a call to action. You need to ask the customers to do something when they reach the end of the email. You may want them to visit your website, order a product, or start following you on Twitter. The type of CTA will vary based on your type of business. You simply need to make sure it is in there.

Do Not Inundate the Mailbox

While it can be tempting, especially when you start to see results, you can’t send emails to the same customers every day. The emails need to be spaced out so they do not become intrusive. If you start to send too many emails, the readers will likely unsubscribe from you even if the emails offer value and hit all the right notes. They do not want their email inbox flooded.

Incorporating these techniques and tips can help to make your email marketing campaign a success. It can still work quite well even with all of the other digital marketing outlets that are out there. Email marketing is certainly something that’s worth considering for many companies.

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Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

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