A massive part of digital marketing today is content, but many companies still do not understand just how important it is to their bottom line. Today, it is no longer possible to succeed without a strong online presence, and you can’t have a strong presence without great content. Companies that still have static websites without updated and new content need to consider the benefits that reworking their content strategy can offer. It needs to be in your digital marketing campaign, and it needs to continue well after each campaign finishes.

Important for the Search Engine Rankings

Why is content so important? In reality, it has always been important. However, the search engine algorithms are just now catching up with this. Today, the algorithms have the ability to find and punish sites that use underhanded marketing tactics to gain views, such as keyword stuffing. On the other hand, the algorithm rewards fresh and relevant content. Google wants their users to be happy with the experience, so they naturally want to ensure that people who use their search engine find the information they need. Companies that do not have fresh content, or that have low quality content that is not relevant to their site will have quite a bit of trouble keeping their search engine rankings. They need to adapt and develop more content as a major part of their digital marketing strategy.

Content Geared Toward Your Audience

The content you create should always keep your target audience in mind. This helps you gain organic traffic from people who are looking up keywords and phrases based around your subject matter. You can and should create a wide range of content to help with your digital marketing. This includes more than just blog posts. Add video to your site, as well as photos. This helps to make posts more interesting for visitors. In addition, make sure that you allow the content you create to be shared with the social networks. Visitors to your site should be able to share it with their social networks with the click of a button, so make sure you add this option. The same goes for all of the products that you have on your site.

Onsite and Offsite Content

While your onsite content is certainly important and can help with your digital marketing efforts, you also need to think about your offsite content. This could be anything from your posts on social media to guest blogs, ebooks, podcasts, and any other type of content you create. Make sure that it always has the same level of quality and that you are always creating for your target audience. 

There is no getting around the importance of high quality, shareable content today. It needs to be a major focus of your digital marketing, as it helps to strengthen your brand significantly. Those companies that have trouble creating a continuous stream of content can always consider hiring freelancers to help. This can free up the marketing team to work in other areas of digital marketing.

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