By now, you probably know that social media is one of the most important elements when it comes to online marketing. Your followers and fans can be a great source of continued support and customers. However, many who are new to social media, and even those who have been working with sites such as Facebook and Twitter for a while, have no real idea of how to find and keep followers. Fortunately, it doesn’t take some arcane magic formula to make it work! It’s actually quite simple.

Be Active on the Pages

You have your accounts set up, but that’s not enough. You can’t just build it and expect them to come. You need to be active on those pages daily. Make sure you are posting to the pages and interacting with people regularly, and you will soon start to see an increase in the number of followers you have. They will tend to stick around as well.

Fill Out Everything

You need to make sure that you fill out absolutely everything on your social accounts. This includes adding a bio for your company, unique backgrounds for Twitter, and even contact information. You can also add links to your blog.

Post Quality Content

This is where some companies have trouble. You can’t simply post about your business and services and try to hit people up for sales. You have to be sharing high quality content, and that means sometimes the content won’t be yours. Share content that you feel people who are following you will genuinely want to see and learn about. This increases the chances of people sharing that information, as well as your original content.

Engage With the Audience

If you want the people to stick around, then you need to engage with them. Ask them some questions. Answer questions if they have them. Follow them back, and share the content that they put up. Build actual relationships in the online social setting, and you will find that you are building loyalty for your company.

Add Buttons to Your Blog

You have a blog – at least you should have a blog – so make sure you connect it to your social sites. Put buttons on your blog so people who come and read it will be able to share it quickly. With just a click of a button, they can put the post out for everyone in their social circle to see.

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Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

Chris, founder and CEO of Social INK, has devised and consulted on more digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns than you can shake a stick at. He’s also got a bit of a thing for online advertising and social media advertising.