Learn your way, with a personal coach!

Our 1-2-1 Coaching Programmes are all about giving you a personalised experience. We won't just teach you how to do something, we'll help you do it. Build your online presence with your coach to make sure you get the best possible results going forward. 

Because our coaching is bespoke, it can be run as a 1 Day intensive hands-on session, or alternatively can be broken down in to six 1hour sessions online. It depends on how you like to learn. 

All our clients learn from our hands-on practical approach. It helps them to become more confident at using their selected platforms, and because it's bespoke, we teach you exactly how to use the tools you currently have. 

We coach for pretty much the entire spectrum of Digital Marketing, including: 

  • Website growth and management

    • Wordpress

    • Squarespace

    • Joomla

  • Lead generation 101

  • Social media, including;

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • LinkedIn

    • Pinterest

    • YouTube

  • Online Advertising, including;

    • Google AdWords

    • Facebook Advertising

    • Twitter Advertising

    • LinkedIn Advertising

  • Blogging, write or outsourcing

    • What to write about

    • How to generate engagement

  • Newsletter & Mail List management

    • Building your mail list

    • Creating value through content

  • MailChimp 

    • Designing Creative Templates

    • Scheduling campaigns

    • Automation

  • Understanding the results;

    • Return on Investment for advertising

    • Google Analytics

    • Facebook Insights

    • Twitter analytics

This doesn't cover everything we've helped our clients to learn, but it gives you a great grasp of how we can help you and your brand online. It's all about developing your skill set, your tool set and helping you have the correct mind set to achieve so much more online. 

If you're struggling to run your online marketing in house, talk to one of our consultants today.

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