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A unique service that allows you to focus on building your business and allows us to run the marketing for your blockchain company.

Why Social INK?

We were doing blockchain marketing before it was cool. That’s why we don’t feel the need to mention crypto, or coins, or tokens, or blockchain in our name. Social, on the other hand, is about interaction. And interaction creates relationships. Develops communities. Builds trust. 

And that’s what blockchain marketing is all about. Or at least, it should be. That’s where Social INK comes in. We’ll take care of your marketing, so you can take care of your blockchain startup. 

We can help you with:
Marketing Strategy
Your Website
Content Planning & Creation
Community Management
Social Media
Live Video Support

If We Start You Up, You'll Never Stop!

Get your marketing moving in the right direction, with an agile team that are there to support you on your journey. 

We’ve Got Previous!

We’ve been working with blockchain startups since 2017. Remember those days? There were ICOs happening all over the place. And we were in the middle of it all, supporting many early-stage blockchain companies with bespoke digital marketing strategies.

Here are some names we’ve worked with in the blockchain space:

What's the Cost of a Complete Blockchain Marketing Team?

Running a complete in-house marketing team ain’t cheap. Let’s take a quick look at the average cost of building a basic marketing team for a blockchain startup:


Full time Chief Marketing Officer.


Full time Marketing Manager.


Full time Social Media Manager.


Full time Community Manager.


Various outsourced content creators.

£290k +

Total cost of in-house marketing team. Just on Salaries.

And that’s before including the tools and systems required to manage and maintain all your marketing channels. 

But what if an experienced blockchain marketing team already existed? One that could do all of that for you on a retainer basis, cutting your overheads?

That’d be Social INK.

Don't Take Our Word For It!

"Social INK provided us with a clear strategy, and a team capable of getting to grips with a complex, highly regulated, fast moving industry. They were always there for us. We were never let down. Thank you."

Philip Young

GSX Group

"The team worked on marketing campaigns which drove in the results and engagement on social media and blog posts. They are the perfect all rounded digital marketing go to if you are looking for ROI look no further. Great people, great communication. Enjoy working with them every step of the way."

Denise Matthews


"The team at Social INK have worked seamlessly to produce content that has been of the highest order, helping to keep our community engaged, interacting and most importantly excited for the future. Social INK has outperformed expectations since the partnership began & their work is highly valued."

James Tabor

Media Protocol

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